How to root Nexus 6P on Android N NPD35K (Developer Preview) [Guide]

nexus-6p_root-recoveryOne of the reasons rooting the Google Nexus 6P by using the SuperSU application via a custom recovery is so advantageous is because it allows you to think about installing custom ROMs right away without having to do any additional work. There are many custom ROMs worth checking out for what is one of the most popular smartphones in the world today — the Google Nexus 6P.


  • The following guide is made for the Google Nexus 6P. Ensure that you have the 6P variant in your hands, or else you risk bricking the device.


  • You will need to backup the data and turn on the USB Debugging Mode on your 6P’s settings before you can use this guide. Those of you who are unable to find the Developer Options menu to check the box for the USB Debugging Menu might need to unlock it from the About Device menu first.
  • Note that rooting your Google Nexus 6P smartphone will void the warranty on your device. You can get the warranty working again by unrooting and removing any of the customization options from your device.


  1. Download the updated version of the SuperSU application for the 6P on Android N from here.
  2. Download the TWRP custom recovery for the 6P smartphone that we are going to use to root the device from here.
  3. Download and install ADB and Fastboot on your computer by following our guide and then come back to this page to continue with the rest of our guide.
  4. Extract the custom recovery file to the desktop of the computer and then copy the content from the TWRP folder to the same folder where you have the ADB so they are within the same directory.
  5. Connect the Google Nexus 6P smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and then copy the SuperSU zip file (still zipped) over to the topmost folder of your internal storage SD card. (Anyone storing the folder in a folder that is not the topmost folder may not find it later from inside the custom recovery).
  6. From within the ADB directory, hold the Shift key and right-click the mouse where it shows the white background and chooses to open a new command window here from the menu.
  7. Type the command “adb reboot bootloader” for the Nexus 6P to get into the required bootloader mode.
  8. Type the command “fastboot flash recovery twrp-” to flash your custom recovery on the smartphone.
  9. Type the command “fastboot reboot” and then hold the hardware key combination that boots the Google Nexus 6P to recovery mode so your device first-time boots directly to the recovery mode.
  10. From within your new custom recovery once it loads, tap on the Install button from the menu and then follows the on-screen prompts to upload the SuperSU from the internal SD card.
  11. Once you have installed the SuperSU, choose the option to reboot the system fro the recovery menu.

In conclusion, that is how to root Google Nexus 6P smartphones running on the latest Android N Developer Preview with the NPD35K build number. You will find all the same root apps are working from the Google Play Store among other sources online. Moreover, your custom ROMs from XDA-Developers can be installed thanks to the custom recovery you installed along with the root access you just granted to your internal system.

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