How to switch off monitor automatically when you lock Windows [Tip]

monitorHave you thought if it is possible to turn off your monitor automatically when you lock Windows? Do you have the habit of locking the computer when leaving for a small break during your office hours? A good computer user always locks the computer when he leaves for a break, whether at office or at home. You can set your computer to turn off your monitor automatically when you lock Windows.

Usually your computer won’t turn off your monitor automatically right away. Windows will turn the monitor off only when it is idle for a fixed period of time. Turning the monitor off when you are not working is good, as it saves power. Having a blank monitor may also may deter nosy people who want to see what’s on your computer. To turn off your monitor automatically when you lock Windows, you have to make some changes to the Settings, which are discussed below.

Steps to Turn off your Monitor Automatically When you Lock Windows

  1. Turn off your monitor by creating a shortcut key: The first step is to install the utility tool named NirCmd. Using this tool we can switch off the power of your monitor. After installing the tool in the system, go to your Desktop and right click and create a shortcut. Now, browse to find the nircmd.exe (usually in C drive) file that is saved. Enter the following text ““C:\path\to\nircmd.exe” cmdwait 1000 monitor off.” After entering the text, go to shortcut Properties. Give the shortcut key “Windows Key + L.” Click on the add icon button to add a nice icon to the program and save it on your desktop. Now, when you enter the shortcut key, it will turn off your monitor automatically.
  2. Using MPower Saver App: You can also turn off your monitor automatically when you lock Windows by using an application called MPower Saver. It is a free tool that can be downloaded easily from the Internet. Download the app from the official site, unzip it and execute the exe to install the application. After installing the application, it will be present in the task bar. Now when you press the key “Windows Key +L” to lock the computer, the app will automatically power off the monitor. Since you need the help of MPower Saver application almost daily, it is better to set the app in the startup program list. When you add the application MPower Saver in startup, it will automatically start when your system starts running. The MPower Saver application can also be used to hibernate, shutdown or restart your system at a scheduled time. By going to the advanced settings in the application, you can set the schedules according to your needs.


Your computer monitor is one part which consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, it is wise to turn off the monitor whenever you’re not using your system, even for a minute or so. By following the steps given above, it is easy for you to turn off your monitor automatically when you lock Windows. This saves energy and saves you money as well.

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