How to enable Offline Mode in Google Chrome [Tip]

Google_Chrome_icon_(2011).svgSometimes, you may want to enable the offline mode in Google Chrome simply because you know you are going to need it. Perhaps you are travelling to a remote place or on a plane ride and you are sure you won’t be have access to an Internet connection for some time. Internet Explorer and Firefox are already known to support the Work Offline mode. Work offline mode helps you to revisit the pages that you have already visited previously, without using the Internet. That is, when there is no Internet available or is turned off. You can go back to the already visited sites from history and check the content.

Google Chrome has recently launched a version that supports the ability to enable the offline mode and this allows a person to revisit the already visited web pages offline. Google Chrome saves the pages in a cache on your computer. Google Chrome just loads them from the cache. The enable offline mode in Google Chrome needs you to follow certain rules, which are given below.

Tips to Enable the Offline Mode in Google Chrome

You can enable the offline mode in Google Chrome using Chrome flags. For this, go to the address bar in a Google Chrome browser and enter the text “chrome://flags” and press the Enter key. Google will display a huge list of features that are still under construction. It is recommended not to mess with these features. From the list, select the option “Enable show saved copy button.” Now click on the dropdown that is displayed just below the “Enable show saved copy button.” Select “Enable” option from the drop down and click on “Re-launch Now” button. Google Chrome will be restarted and “Enable offline mode in Google Chrome” option is now enabled.

Open Pages in Work Offline Mode

Now that you have enabled the work offline mode in Google Chrome, Google Chrome will save the visited pages in cache. So, if your Internet goes offline and you want to revisit the old pages again, just go to History and select that page. Google Chrome will display a page with message “Unable to connect to Internet.” In that error page, there will be a button “Show saved copy.” Click on that button and the page you were trying to open will be displayed.

Google Chrome has the ability to save everything to cache. Images, HTML pages, CSS style sheets, and Java script, everything will be saved to cache which allows you to work in offline mode in Google Chrome. When you try to open the already visited page from History in the absence of the Internet, it tries to display a page almost similar to the original one. You have to keep in mind that all the data are stored in cache, so if you clear the cache and then try to check this page, it will not show you any result.


Ability to view web page contents offline is a feature that is useful for all Internet users. Google Chrome is still new to this feature and is planning to launch it soon. Follow these steps carefully to enable the offline mode in Google Chrome without causing problems to your browser.

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