How to root LeTv Le 1S on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (LeEco Le 1S) [Guide]

LeEco-Le-!sRooting the LeTv 1S smartphone is the only way one can gain an all access pass to the Android operating system and remove all limitations that were put there by Google and Android. There are some apps out there most available from the Google Play Store that can only be installed if your device is rooted. The reason for that is not because Google purposefully blocks these apps so they cannot work and we are breaking those blocks to allow them to work once again. The real reason why these apps are blocked is more to do with them being collateral damage in a situation where Google is making your operating system more secure. If Google and Android could keep the security they have now and allow you to install the same apps then they would. However, that is not possible which is why you need to make the choice between having a smartphone like the LeTv 1S with maximum security or having the LeTv 1S with the additional ability to install more apps.

As the saying goes, with power comes great responsibility. In this instance, with freedom comes great responsibility. You have more freedom over your Android operating system, but you need to be wary of potential threats more so than you would normally.


  • The following guide is made to root the LeTv 1S smartphone and will not necessarily root any of the other devices from the LeTv mobile device range. Look for a unique guide if you have another device in your hands.
  • You will need to install a custom recovery on the LeTv 1S smartphone before you can start installing any aftermarket firmware on your device after you root it using the guide below. Moreover, to install a custom recovery, first you must unlock the LeTv 1S bootloader.


  • Unlock the Developer Options menu on the LeTv smartphone if you must by tapping on the Settings icon > About Device > Build Number seven times and keep tapping until it says you are using the device as a developer with some text on the display.
  • Enter the Developer Options menu and turn on the USB Debugging Mode on the LeTv smartphone by tapping on the Settings icon > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Leave the Developer Options menu once you are done and it will automatically remember your presences.
  • Also from the Settings menu, make sure you enable the Unknown Sources by tapping on the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.


  1. Download the Kingoroot tool on the computer from here.
  2. Connect the LeTv 1S smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and copy the Kingoroot APK file over to the topmost folder of the internal storage SD card.
  3. Launch any File Manager on your smartphone and then install the APK file you transferred to your SD card earlier.
  4. Once you have used the File Manager, open the app from the app drawer.
  5. Tap on the Root button available from the main page and wait for the rooting to complete.
  6. Exit the Kingoroot application and reboot the smartphone the same way you normally would.

In conclusion, that is how to root LeTv 1S smartphones by using the Kingroot application from your smartphone and a custom recovery. Anyone who is looking to reverse the customizations can find out how to unroot the LeTv 1S smartphone and start running the stock ROM again.

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