How to root BLU Dash X Plus D950U on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop [Guide]

BLU Dash X PlusRooting is what we geeks call the official term for using an Android smartphone with privileged control. What that essentially means is that we are using the smartphone officially without limitations which were initially put in place by the Android developers in an attempt to give the general population a smartphone that is more secure. More than that, it was Android’s duty to give people a device that was more stable than the original Linux kernel would suggest us having which is far too unsafe for a mass audience of individuals who are not tech savvy.

The reason why that is is that smartphones are predominantly used with apps on them, and those apps are the main security threat. It is a lot easier for a virus to pretend to be an app and then for people to click on that app and let the virus in the system compared to people browsing unusual places around the web and clicking on something being advertised as free which then infects the system with a virus. It is due to that vulnerable operating system ecosystem we have on our smartphones that it would only make sense to reduce that possibility of us picking up the viruses as much as possible.

That is what Android developers have managed to do well, and it is why we will continue to spread the word about Android being a great operating system to install but there is a downside, and that is your operating system cannot do all the things it once could. That downside is naturally eliminated when we root the smartphone by following a how-to guide like we have here for the BLU Dash X Plus Smartphone. Once you successfully root the device, all of the things Android accidentally took away from us are all of a sudden available to us again — minus the security upsides they originally had in place.

For people to be able to pick and choose what kind of operating system they would like to have running on their BLU Dash X Plus smartphone is the logical and fairest way for everyone to go about this. It is our responsibility to make sure that only the people who know what they are doing do in fact end up rooting the smartphone. So as long as you are an advanced Android user who does know how to avoid malware, and how to delete malware should you be infected, then you can follow this guide on how to root BLU Dash X Plus D950U smartphones using this guide and start installing more apps.


  1. Enable the Unknown Sources option on your BLU smartphone by tapping on the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Download and install the KingRoot APK on your phone just like you would with most other APK files directly from your web browser application.
  3. Tap on the KingRoot app icon available from your app drawer and open it up.
  4. Tap on the large button that suggests it is going to root your smartphone available from within the app.
  5. Wait for the KingRoot app to finish rooting your Blu smartphone and then exit the app and reboot the phone the same way you usually would.

In conclusion, that is how to root BLU Dash X Plus D950U smartphones when they are running on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop software updates. Keep in mind that KingRoot does not require an unlocked bootloader to unchain your operating system so you might need to do that now if you want to install a custom recovery on your smartphone.

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