How to root Huawei Y5 Y560-U02 on Android 5.1 Lollipop [Guide]

Huawei Y5Rooting the Android operating system that is running on the Huawei Y5 Y560-U02 smartphone is the act of giving your OS privileged control. Having privileged control is the formal way of describing the meaning behind it, but it is also the word privileges that perfectly describes what it is you will get with root access and what you do not get without it. Rooting the Android operating system gives you more privileges so you as a user can choose to do more things.

The most popular thing to do with root access is installed more applications both from the Google Play Store and other sources online whether it be other App Stores or official websites associated with the developer of the app. One of the apps we recommend you check out is the Smart Booster app. You will find the Smart Booster app sneaks its way onto many best root app lists thanks to its ability to increase the RAM on your smartphones by removing the unnecessary junk that is currently taking away from your overall RAM usage.

The Smart Booster app is one example of a root app you can install after you root the Huawei Y5 smartphone using the guide after the break but is is not the only app. There are thousands of apps out there for you to try once the guide is complete. Moreover, rooting your Android operating system with the KingRoot universal one click rooting tool allows you to install all of the same ones as you could’ve installed had you of rooted using any of the other rooting methods out there available for your smartphone.


  1. Start off by turning on the Unknown Sources options from the Y5’s settings by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources so you can now begin to install applications from outside the Google Play Store just like we have here with the KingRoot APK file.
  2. Directly from your smartphone download and install the KingRoot app from your preferred web browser application and then open it up from the app drawer once you are done.
  3. Tap on the large button on the front page of the app that suggests it is the one you want to press to root the device. (The exact wording of that button can change between KingRoot versions, but you cannot miss it).
  4. Wait for the progress bar to appear on the display of your smartphone and then for it to reach the 100 % mark.
  5. Once you get the success message appearing on the display, exit the application and then reboot your smartphone.
  6. Head to the Google Play Store and download the root checker app to check if your device is in fact rooted.

In conclusion, that is how to root Huawei Y5 Y560-U02 running on the Android 5.1 Lollipop updates. Make sure you are aware that KingRoot — and rooting in general — does not require your bootloader to be unlocked, nor does following this guide unlock it for you. For anyone wanting to install a custom recovery, you will need to unlock the bootloader first. You are then able to install a custom ROM or kernel once you have the bootloader unlocked and custom recovery installed. For now, your excitement is all about getting those root apps installed so you can boost the performance with some nifty upgrades.

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