Free Web Design Service – Legit!

Update: Yes I know is down. It has been down ever since I moved web hosts. I will put it back up when I have time. If you need assistance with your website or have a web design request, you can contact me (be sure to specify why you are contacting me).

Ever wanted your own website, but do not have the time, money, and/or technical skills needed to make a website? Do not worry – you no longer need them.

Some people may know this already, but some people may not: is my free web design service. PMnet is not associated with, except for the fact that I run both website, in any way – they are two completely seperate entities. But I figured PMnet viewers should know about the service provides. uses open source webmaster tools to create and customize clients’ websites – for free. There are an array of features offered to clients for their websites:

  • Forums
  • Aethetically pleasing templates
  • User friendly content management systems
  • Private messaging systems
  • Customizable webpages
  • Live chat
  • E-mail/SMS Messaging Lists
  • …And much more!

For more information, please click here.

At this point, some of you might be wondering “Why free? What is the catch?”. Copied right off FAQs page:

Q: Why is this free?
A: If it was not would you be here? You are important to us. If getting you here means being a free service – then so be it.

Q: Do you make any money off of this?
A: As of right now, no. Please donate to keep us alive – click here (coming soon!).

Q: So if you make no money, why do you do this?
A: Well for one, we enjoy making websites. Yes, we are geeks (but we refuse to be called nerds). Secondly, the experience is a resume padder and it will help us in future jobs and/or job applications.

If you have any questions, doubts, or you just think this is a stupid service, feel free to either leave a comment here, or fill out the contact form located at the contact us page at InshAllah will address your concern/issue in a professional and timely manner.

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  • I never got any email from anyone recently requesting a web design service (that I can remember – maybe I overlooked it) >.>’. Try again please.

  • Wat

    I have sent my request, but never receive any reply or response from you.

    Is this for real? It has been over a month now since I filled up the request form.

    Thought if you cannot accommodate, a simple email would be nice, you know.


  • @SleepStalker, Richard, and everyone else.

    I have updated my post above. If you are still interested in this service, please see above (at the very top).

  • Looks like your free web design service site is down. Do you plan to have this up again at some point in the future? Some time soon I hope?

  • Hi, Ashraf.

    I just tried your link to and it’s dead. I guess you’re not providing free web design anymore?

    FWIW, I’m the one on GOTD several months ago that showed you how to put FTP links into Windows Explorer so you can drag-n-drop updated files right into a web site. I want you to know that your reviews and all the effort that goes into them are appreciated. I am sure some don’t appreciate how much effort it takes.

  • Ashraf


    I am over the hilh, going down the other side fast at 73, but before I go, I wanted to start a free service.

    Started the web page, but so far have not been able to put a free guest book on it or get a link to work to a guest book.

    Well anyway it is a free ride for those who live alone,can’t drive,etc. Living outside a city w/little or no bus service to next town,is a killer.

    Mill Bay is 20 miles North of Victoria BC, Canada, Never mind all this crap.

    CAN YOU HELP ME? Make a web site that works for me,I’m hosted at I think?

    Keep up the good work you do for others.


  • Ya since I moved hosts I have not got around to putting it back up since I mostly focus on dT now.

    I will eventually put it back up. If you are interested in the service, feel free to contact me via this contact form here (Others -> Contact Ashraf). Specify that you are interested in the web design service.

  • John W

    Hi Ashraf,

    Looks like your free web design service site is down. Do you plan to have this up again at some point in the future?