Describe the $700B bailout in 3 sentences or less.

On their way up they robbed our parents.
While on top they robbed us.
On their way down they robbed our children.
With all that money, they had $440k parties and lived happily ever after.

It has a nice poetic ring to it no? Okay I confess: I cheated. I used 4 sentences instead of 3. I figured, that last line adds such a nice finishing touch…I can’t just leave it out. Another confession: I stole those top three lines from some guy at a party. I am a thief too; I am such a bad person.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the current bailouts, companies and entities involved, and/or just the economy in general. But please,  censor anything that is above G rated (i.e. cuss words): replace it a “<BLEEP>” (without quotes).

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  • HOSS

    The rich get richer.
    The poor get poorer.
    I need a beer!

  • watcher13

    Your verse pretty much says it all. Although the bailout itself may not be a horrible idea, if the people who think that the rich are better than the rest of us administer the money, the prognosis isn’t good! When people try to complain about the ethics of many of the wealthy, the right tries to spin it that such complainers are just trying to incite class warfare. There’s no need to incite it. Many of the wealthy have been waging practically a covert war to get more money from the working class since as long as there’s been wealth. All wealthy are not this way, but I recommend people look up the concept “Social Darwinism” and then believe me that many of the rich treat this theory as gospel. (Even though Darwin felt it was more barbaric than natural selection could ever be.) These are the same people who espouse fundamental christianity and then go to church, all the while forgetting that the bible says the following: “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

  • dude1173