Describe the $700B bailout in 3 sentences or less.

On their way up they robbed our parents.
While on top they robbed us.
On their way down they robbed our children.
With all that money, they had $440k parties and lived happily ever after.

It has a nice poetic ring to it no? Okay I confess: I cheated. I used 4 sentences instead of 3. I figured, that last line adds such a nice finishing touch…I can’t just leave it out. Another confession: I stole those top three lines from some guy at a party. I am a thief too; I am such a bad person.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the current bailouts, companies and entities involved, and/or just the economy in general. But please,  censor anything that is above G rated (i.e. cuss words): replace it a “<BLEEP>” (without quotes).

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