How to remove Google redirect virus [Tip]

googleYou have to remove the Google redirect virus if your system is infected. But, how? Have you ever encountered an instance where your web browser redirects to Google’s home page while you were browsing some other site? That is what Google redirect virus is all about. There are a few steps that you can take to remove the Google redirect virus and they are discussed here.

What is Meant by Google Redirect Virus?

Google redirect virus is a term that is used to describe a group of malware that infects your computer and redirects your web browser to Google’s home page, If your browser redirects to the Google home page or when your default search engine is changed to the Google home page then it’s pretty certain that your computer has been infected by the Google redirect virus.

The Google redirect virus is just like other malware that are created to generate money for the person who has created it. Every time you do a search using Google, advertisements appear and that generates money for Google. The Google redirect virus uses the same principle, it redirects you to the Google home page and when you do a search from the Google home page, it generates small revenue for the creator of the virus. This virus also messes up your default search engine making it difficult for you. Therefore, it is very important to remove the Google redirect virus from your system.

Steps to Remove the Google Redirect Virus

Scanning: Scanning your computer with the latest anti-virus software is the best option to remove this malware from your system. If your anti-virus is not up-to-date, then install the latest update and then do a full scan to remove the malware. Once you have removed the malware from your system, it is always recommended to install anti-malware free software that can run a second virus scan on your machine to confirm that all malware has been removed successfully.

Removing add-ons and extensions from browser: The next step is to remove the add-ons and extensions from your web browser. Check the add-ons and extensions that you are no longer using and remove them from your browser.

Manually change the default browser settings: If Google redirect virus has changed your browser’s default setting, then you have to manually change it back to what it was earlier. You also need to remove unwanted search engines.

Repair browser settings: The next step is to repair your browser’s settings. Use the CCleaner application to remove unwanted entries from the registry.

Host file correction and repair proxy settings: If you know how to repair the host file, then you can do it or else get the help of an expert to repair the host file affected by the Google redirect virus. The final step is to repair the proxy settings. For that, you need to go to each browser and select Local Area Network connection and then uncheck the option “Use proxy server for your LAN.”


Malware are not good for your system as they can damage your system and also causes security issues. Google redirect virus is a malware which should be removed from your system. To remove Google redirect virus you don’t have to be an expert, by following the steps given above, you can remove them from your system and keep your system free from malware and viruses.

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