How to change contact pictures in Android [Tip]

andoAre you an Android Smartphone user trying to change contact pictures in your Android Smartphone? In most Android Smartphones, you can use the same steps given below for changing the contact pictures in your Android Smartphone

No one wishes to see those black block letters set as the contact picture of their favorite contact person in their Android Smartphone. You definitely want to see a better contact picture right? You can now easily change the contact pictures in your Android Smartphone without any expertise. You need to keep in mind that in some brands like Samsung or Motorola, the steps may differ slightly.

Advantages of an Android Operating System

When compared to an iOS or Windows operating system, the Android operating system is more user-friendly. You can make changes easily with Android. Making a small change can be done easily on your Android, but it is sometimes difficult to do the same thing in an iOS or Windows operating system Smartphone. Some of the main advantages of an Android operating system are:

  1. The Android system can run multiple programs at once without getting stuck.
  2. You can easily install applications in your Android Smartphone. You can go to the Android application market and get the software you want to install on your phone.
  3. You can easily access different widgets by keeping them in your home screen.
  4. The Android Smartphone always gives you easy notifications whenever you receive an SMS, or WhatsApp messages. It will show you notifications when you have a missed call or an email.

Steps to Change Contact Pictures in your Android Smartphone

The first step is to go to your Android Smartphone’s Phone App. Now search for the particular contact whose contact pictures you want to change in your Android Smartphone. The next step can vary slightly across different phones, so you need to do it carefully.

In phones like Samsung, when you click on the contact, it will automatically dial the contact, so be careful. Once you have selected the contact you need to change the contact picture for, for this tap on the “Edit” button. In some Android phones it will be Edit, whereas in other Smartphones it will display a pencil icon. Using the Edit option you can edit all the details of the contact. Now tap on the Picture icon and it will open an Edit menu to edit the profile picture. You can add a new picture instantly using the mobile camera in your Android Smartphone or you can select a picture from the gallery. Once you have selected the picture you want to use as the contact pictures in your Android Smartphone, you can crop and make the necessary changes to the picture. Now, save the changes and you are done with setting the contact pictures in your Android Smartphone.


The Android operating system is one of the most used operating systems in the world. There are millions of users all over the world who are fond of using the Android Smartphone. By following the steps given above, you can easily change the contact pictures in your Android Smartphone without any difficulty.

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