4 must-have Android Wear apps for health and fitness [Tip]

healthappThere are a number of Android Wear Apps that can help keep you fit and healthy. Android wears have been in the market for almost two years now. Here, we will discuss four Android wear apps that keep you fit and healthy.

What is Android Wear?

The Android Wear is a smart watch that you wear on your wrist. Using this watch, you can manage your fitness, messages and calls. It is Google’s first smart watch using the Android operating system. Using the Android smart watch, you can use different apps that enable you to check your fitness and health.

Four Android Wear Apps That Keep you in the Loop

  1. Runtastic and Strava: Both these apps are exercise apps that you can use on your Android Wear to track your progress. They have full Android integration, so you can start your exercise by selecting the option “OK Google, start a walk” and it will track your progress. Both these apps are available for free from the Play store. You can also get the premium version of both the apps. If you are planning to go for Strava premium version, you need to pay $6 per month. You can get more in-depth features for calculating the heart rate, power-zone details etc. It is one of the most useful Android wear apps that that can be used in a productive way to get maximum health benefits.

Runtastic also offers a premium version at a rate of $2.99 per month. Runtastic is considered the best standalone app for the Android Wear.

  1. Google Fit: We can use Google Fit for passive tracking. Using Google Fit, you can roughly get the details of the calories burned on a day-to-day basis. You just need to install the app, log into it and then it will track each step you take and calculate the number of calories burned. You can set targets so that it will wait till you achieve the target to send details about the amount of calories burned for achieving that target. If you can use a build in heart rate monitor in your Android smart watch, you can easily calculate your heart rate. It is another useful Android wear app that helps keep you fit and healthy.
  2. Sleep as Android: You can install Sleep as Android app in your Android wear. It is a smart clock that tracks the amount of hours you have slept. It will keep a track of the number of hours you have slept and then automatically wake you up so that you are fresh and ready to go. The app is designed keeping in mind that sleep is very important for every individual. It also offers various features like recording sleep talk and features nature sounds that can help you fall asleep. Sleep as Android is a free app that you can install from the Play store. The premium version of Sleep as Android is also available.


All the four Android wear apps that are discussed above can be installed easily on your Android Wear. They are very useful apps that help keep you fit and healthy. The popularity of Android wear apps that are used to track health and fitness quotient is increasing day by day. Seeing that it not only helps track your exercise, it can find information on Google and check your messages as well. Oh…it also tells time!

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