How to enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone [Tip]

wifiAre you interested in enabling Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone? By enabling Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, you can make outgoing calls and receive calls using a Wi-Fi connection. It is really useful in places where the cell phone signal is weak, but the signal for Wi-Fi is strong.

It was only recently that Apple enabled the Wi-Fi call option. Starting from the iOS version 8, Apple started supporting the Wi-Fi call option and gradually Apple introduced it on the latest addition of Verizon on iOS 9.3 and MetroPCS, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Vodafone support the feature.

Enabling Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone

By default, Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone is disabled. You must enable it manually so that it can switch over to Wi-Fi calling automatically whenever required. When Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone is enabled, it will show the symbol “Wi-Fi” rather than “LTE.” You just have to call any number you wish in the same way as you call a number using your cellular service. Your mobile will switch between the cellular service and the Wi-Fi automatically, depending upon the availability of the network. There is nothing you have to specifically do to make this switch once the feature is enabled.

To enable this feature, you should have a carrier that supports the Wi-Fi call feature. Most carriers nowadays support Wi-Fi calling. So, you just have to check if the carrier offers the feature. Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone will work only in iPhone 5 series or newer.

Steps for Enabling the Feature

Now, to enable this feature, you must first open the app for Settings. From there, scroll down till you reach “Phone.” Tap on the “Phone” option. Select the option “Wi-Fi Calling.” It is present under the option “Calls.” Activate the “Wi-Fi Calling” option on the iPhone using the slider option.

It is also advisable to “Update Emergency Address” to ensure you have a correct address entered here. By dialing 911 on your Wi-Fi, you can ensure that emergency personnel see the correct address.

Wi-Fi Call and the Continuity Feature

One thing to keep in mind is that Wi-Fi call does not support continuity. You cannot receive or make calls on the MAC or iPAD when Wi-Fi call is enabled. Only iOS 9 and X EI OS support the continuity feature. Only T-Mobile in the US supports this feature, no other carriers support this feature just yet. If you want to enable it, you must go to the app for Settings. From the Wi-Fi call alternative, press the option “Calls on other devices.” Now press the option “Add Wi-Fi calling option for other devices.” This will allow all your devices attached to iCloud to receive and place calls when Wi-Fi call is enabled in your iPhone through T-Mobile.


You can easily enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone if you have a carrier and an iPhone that supports it. This way, you can probably simplify making calls from office buildings where telephone signals are hard to come by, but Wi-Fi is probably all over the place.

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