Drag2up revolutionizes the process of sharing files: Drag + drop and share [Firefox and Chrome only]

Whether it is with friends, family, coworkers, etc. we – as Internet junkies – are continually sharing files with others. To share a file we typically have to go to the specific file hosting website, upload the file, and link it to others. Drag2up is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that is looking to change that.

Drag2up allows users to share files by dragging + dropping files into textboxes in Firefox or Chrome:

Users don’t need to worry about anything except making sure they have dropped in the right file because Drag2up does all the legwork behind the scenes, uploading the file onto a file hosting service and generating a link to the file:

Drag2up supports URL shorteners, so you don’t have to use the drag2up.appspot.com URL if you don’t want; and Drag2up allows you to pick what file hosting service you want to use:

The following is a video of Drag2up in action (created by the developer):

Although Drag2up is available in Firefox and Chrome, there are a few things to note:

  • The Firefox version “has not been tested by Mozilla”.
  • The Firefox version doesn’t seem to work… at all. I installed it on my computer and tried to use it but nothing happens when I drag + drop files. The Chrome version works flawlessly.
  • The Chrome version does not fully support all file hosting services yet because of restrictions within Chrome itself. If you want to use ImageShack, Flikr, Piacasa, Dafk up, Hotfile, Dropbox, and CloudApp you need to have Chrome 9 or higher.
  • Drag2up is open source, so if you are a developer that doesn’t use Firefox and Chrome, you can try to port it to your specific browser.

Even in its current state, I can see Drag2up being a very useful tool. It will only get better when the developer fixes bugs, such as the Firefox problem I mentioned, ports it to other browsers, and adds support for more file hosting services. You can grab Drag2up from the following links:

Version reviewed: v2.0.0

Supported OS: Any Windows that runs Firefox or Chrome

Drag2up homepage

[Firefox add-on page]

[Chrome add-on page]

[Drag2up source code]

[via HowToGeek]

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  • 2.0.3 released. I think it should fix most of the issues.

  • Ashraf

    @antimatter15: Thanks; glad to have that cleared up. May I suggest you add that limit information in your program, maybe in a Help section?

    Also, I look forward to 2.0.1 for FF.

  • I’m almost certain Dropbox doesn’t have a 25MB/day limit. I’ve seen gigabytes uploaded in a day. As far as I’m aware, these are the limits of each service:
    imgur – drag2up is limited to 50 uploads an hour (sadly, this is a miserably low limit as the number is shared by everyone who uses drag2up)
    imm.io – no limit
    imageshack.us – no limit
    flickr – no limit (300MB/month for free accounts.)
    picasa – no limit (1gb for free accounts)
    gist – no limit
    pastebin – no limit
    mysticpaste – no limit
    chemical servers – 8MB max file size.
    DAFK – no limit
    hotfile – no clue
    Dropbox – no limit
    Cloudapp – no limit (25MB/day for free accounts. this might be what @Sherwood Tucker might be referring to)

    However, I highly recommend you do *not* use this for large files. Anything over 10MB will probably make bad things happen. It’s not fast and there are multiple copies of data being manipulated from javascript. You do not want to deal with large files using this tool.

    This is not for large files.

    I’ve found the source of the firefox problems and I’m working on 2.0.1 which should be released soon.

  • Ashraf

    @Sherwood Tucker: Really Dropbox has a 25/MB a day limit? I had no idea… I hope the developer adds in support for other hosting services that have no such limit.

  • Sherwood Tucker

    That is their limit.. You can only transfer/share 25MB per day unless you pay for “pro”.
    I use mediafire and https://www.wetransfer.com/ (2 GB “in the air” so to speak.
    You drop and file on the “box” and put in the recipient’s email.
    They then get an email saying to DL whatever.
    So if you send a file of 2.1 GB it is too large but several smaller files <= 2GB ok.

    When they are DL'd by recipient, total goes to zero and you may start again…

    Pando seems to work well also

    Win7 x64

  • Ashraf

    @Sherwood Tucker: 25 MB/day for what? If one of the services limits you to 25 MB/day switch to another one, like Dropbox.

    @Giovanni: I think you missed the point of Drag2up: It makes sharing files as easy as dragging + dropping. That said, though, Pando looks like an interesting tool, too.

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf…

    25 MB/day?? Oh come on dudes…LOL!

    With FILE DROPPER you can share up to 5GB files:


    There is also another cool app I discovered recently that enables you to share up to 1GB files (Pics, videos, documents anything you want) via EMAIL for FREE.

    ==> http://www.pando.com/ <== (Skype and Yahoo MESSENGER Plugins available)

    Full review of this freaking awesome tool here:


    PANDO performs very well and it's incredible fast: with this tool the problem of large-attachments is finally solved, but the best part of it is that you don't need to upload files, you want to share, on any specific file hosting website.

    That's COOL, isn't it??


  • Sherwood Tucker

    ONLY 25 MB/day…

  • Jimmy

    @ Ashraf and antimatter15: Will this add-on work on windows7 x64, I would like to know before I attempt to use it. Thanks

  • Ashraf

    @Jimbo: This isn’t a hosting program in of it self. It uses third party hosting services – see my screenshot above to see which ones – to host the files.

    Well with more and more increasing RAM in computer, it only makes sense people are moving towards 64-bit. It will be a while before it becomes mainstream, though.

  • Jimbo

    @antimatter15, I wonder if this works like email. torrent or a file hosting program. If it’s a file hosting program, what is the maximum size file allowed and how long will it remain undeleted if nobody has downloaded it?

    @Ashraf, I heard that Vista 7 64 bit is the direction everyone is going with. Have you read that?

  • Ashraf

    @antimatter15: Win7 32-bit and FF 3.6.13. I had no other plugins installed, so there couldn’t of been a plugin conflict.

  • Hey, I’m the developer of this app, and I would like to know exactly which version of Firefox on what operating system you’re using. Unfortunately, many of the features that this app uses work to varying degrees in different browsers and operating systems.

  • Numsekrummen.dk

    This sounds good ^^ – I been looking for this type of “easy” sharing thingy. I hope it would be supported by the Maxthon 3 Browser in the future… Its a bit easier then learning your friends how to use FTP servers :P