How to enter Recovery Mode on Motorola mobile devices [Guide]

Moto-Z-Play-6378There are times when getting into the Recovery Mode on Android is necessary. Depending on what the device is you might be able to get into the Recovery Mode by first accessing the bootloader and choosing the Recovery Mode from the bootloader menu. Other times the Recovery Mode can be accessed directly like with Samsung devices.

When people need Recovery Mode to be on the display they usually need it to apply updates or to recovery the device by taking a factory reset. Taking the factory reset means resetting the device so that it is the same way it was when leaving the factory. It is often the path people take when they have tried troubleshooting a problem but to no avail. The good news is that you can apply these factory resets and then restore the data on the phone, so you do not suffer from the data loss, but to do that you need to have backed up the data you are hoping to restore first.

The Recovery Mode on Android can be accessed a few ways. Advanced Android users often do it from the Android Debug Bridge if they are using ADB on a computer anyhow. Sometimes these experienced Android users are already using the ADB on a computer so applying one more command to get into the Recovery Mode is the wiser option. Other people who have root access to Android enjoy installing the Quick Boot app. Quick Boot can get you booted into all the various modes that come with Android, one of which is the Recovery Mode. However, above all, most people are using the hardware buttons to get into the Recovery Mode. These are the buttons that already come on your device and everyone with enough fingers can use this method.


  1. Start by turning off the Motorola device that you want to get into the Recovery Mode.
  2. Press and hold both the Volume Down and Power buttons for a few seconds until the bootloader a screen is on the display.
  3. Using the volume keys, scroll down the list and highlight the Recovery option.
  4. The Motorola smartphone or tablet is now in the Recovery Mode and ready for your selections.

In conclusion, that is how to enter Recovery Mode on Motorola smartphones and tablets by using the hardware button combination that is already built into the device. You can continue using the volume keys to make the selections once you are within the recovery environment and confirm the choices that you want by pressing the Power button. Furthermore, should you not have gotten your device into the Recovery Mode yet because the guide is not working for your device, you can try one of the other methods outlined in the introductions. Just remember that before you can run the ADB commands from the computer you first need to have set up the ADB on the computer. Also, before you can run the Quick Boot app, you need to have root access on the Motorola smartphone or tablet so that the Quick Boot app can run.

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