How to block unwanted emails in Gmail [Tip]

gmail-1162901_960_7201Are you tired of getting unwanted emails on Gmail? Many people get a number of unwanted emails in their Gmail account in box that they would like to block. By following the tips and tricks given below, you can block unwanted emails on Gmail.

Why You Need to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

It is difficult to know how many spam mails your Gmail account will receive in a day or so. There is no permanent solution to make sure you don’t receive spam emails in your Gmail account. It is always better to keep your account safe and protected so that these spam emails do not spoil your system and get access to your confidential data. Gmail has not yet introduced a foolproof way to block and filter spam emails that enter into your inbox. But, you can take some steps to prevent unwanted emails on your Gmail account. A few precautions you can take to ensure this are:

  1. Do not post your email address publicly.
  2. Never respond to a spam email.
  3. Do not enable pictures present in spam emails.
  4. Don’t give your email address to persons or companies you aren’t familiar with.

Tips and Tricks to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

It is common to receive unwanted emails on Gmail account, it happens to everyone. These unwanted emails could be sent by a single user or by various users. Now, Gmail provides the user with an easy option to block unwanted from getting into your mailbox.

If you wish to stop a particular user’s emails, then you can add that user in the block list. To block emails from that particular user, you need to go to any of the emails sent by the user and click on the drop-down arrow at the top right-hand side of the email. Now choose the option “Block.” Once you do this, all the future emails from that particular sender will be blocked by your Gmail. Emails from that person will now go to your junk folder. There are more options available in the Block drop down. If you wish to, you can also block messages that have similar subjects, or a keyword or by the same phrase. Gmail also allows you to block emails sent from a particular domain.

You can unblock a user who has been blocked by you in your Gmail account anytime in future.

To Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail by Alerting Spam Filters

Gmail’s spam filters are really effective when it comes to blocking unwanted emails on Gmail. But, occasionally, some emails may escape this filter and reach your inbox. In order to block unwanted emails on Gmail, you can alert the spam filters too. To alert the spam filter, open any spam message you have received and then from the top right hand corner of the email, click on the drop-down option. Now, select the option “Report Spam.” All the future messages from the sender will be marked as spam and will move to your spam folder in your Gmail account.


Using the techniques discussed above, you can and have fewer spam emails in your inbox. With most of us so busy and getting tons of email every day from people we want to hear from, it’s nice to be able to block unwanted mail from those we don’t know.

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