How to limit Internet access to users [Tip]

16101589983_8239a76e7f_b1Do you wish to limit Internet access to users? There could be many reasons why this needs to be done, be it at home, the office or in educational institutions. Many companies, educators, and parents want to know how to keep users from accessing websites they shouldn’t be. It is a question many users have and an answer to it is by using filters or by using specific software. Software like Elim and WebAllow 1.21 can be used to restrict the usage of the Internet on individual computers.

Why You Wish to Limit Internet Access to Users

There could be many reasons why you wish to limit Internet access to users. For companies, it will help to gain productivity, limiting employees use of the Internet only for professional purposes, and also help to reduce the attack of viruses and malware. The reason why parents want to limit access at home may be because they don’t want their children to get addicted to the Internet, see inappropriate content or avoid children from misusing the Internet. Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways in which you can limit Internet access.

Two Common Types of Limiting Internet Access to Users

Filtering the Content

Filtering the content is one of the most popular ways of limiting Internet access to users. In this method, you will limit the Internet to be used only to browse certain websites. In most cases, social media websites, personal email accounts, entertainment sites etc., will be blocked so that the user cannot access them. For implementing this method, a good knowledge of networking is required. Only with the help of a good network engineer, can you implement this method to limit Internet access to users.

Time Limit

Time limit is another way of limiting Internet access to users. Mostly done by companies, in this method, the Internet will be allowed only for a certain period of time for personal use. During that free time, users can use the Internet for their personal use, but during other times, they will not be allowed to use the Internet for anything other than company business.

Software for Limiting Internet Access

The most common software used for limiting Internet access to users is Elim. It is a free to download software, which can be used to restrict Internet usage on every PC. You need to be an administrator to use the software. A network administrator can install the software and then set a time limit for each PC in the network. You can set a daily limit or a weekly limit using this software. By setting a time frame, you can make sure your employees do not use the Internet beyond the time frame set using the software.

Other common software that can be used to limit Internet access to users are WebAllow 1.21, Messenger Blocker 1.0, PGSurfer 1.0, and Chronager 3.3.


It is very important to understand the importance of limiting the access of Internet to users. You don’t want your employees, your students or even your children to misuse the Internet. With the help of information given above, you can easily set up a protective firewall to limit Internet access to users.

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