How to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T [Guide]

samsung-galaxy-on5Not everyone who is interested in customizing a mobile device needs to install a custom recovery image on it first. If you want to do anything that involves root applications like Titanium Backup and Greenfly, then all you need is root access. It’s the people who want to get a custom ROM or custom kernel installed that often need the custom recovery image installed—and they don’t need to worry about rooting the device for that either. Still, if you would like to have both a custom recovery and root access on the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone, then you have all of that available in this guide.

The following is everything you need to flash TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T smartphones so you can get those ROMs and kernels installed on continue to learn what is required to get Chainfire’s SuperSU flashed too:


  • You need to have the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone that comes with the SM-G550T model number to use this guide.
  • You need a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating systems to use this guide.


  • Install the Samsung USB Drivers on the Windows computer before getting started so that the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone can get detected by the Odin flashing tool that is running on the computer which then allows for the installation of the custom recovery image.
  • Make sure that you have the Developer Options menu unlocked on the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone and that the USB Debugging Mode is already enabled from the Developer Options menu before beginning the guide, or else you cannot make the necessary changes to the Android software when flashing the custom recovery and it won’t work.


  1. Download the TWRP image for the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T smartphone on the computer.
  2. Download the Odin flashing tool on the computer.
  3. Open the Downloads folder (the default download location for files on Windows unless you’ve changed it) and extract both files to the Downloads folder.
  4. Boot the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T smartphone into the Download Mode and then connect it to the computer with the USB cable that is used for charging the battery.
  5. Click on the Odin executable file from the Downloads folder and the flashing tool user interface opens.
  6. Check that Odin shows a blue or yellow ID: COM port and the added message from the Log entry which are both there to let you know that the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone is connected and detected correctly by the flashing tool and everything is ready for the installation of custom recovery image.
    Click the AP button and browse the Downloads folder for the extracted TWRP file and upload it to this location in Odin.
  7. Click on the Options tab located next to the Log entry tab and leave all the default settings the same but change the Auto Reboot so that it is no longer checked with a mark.
  8. Click on the Start button and the flashing of the custom recovery begins.
  9. Manually boot the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone into Recovery Mode now by holding the typical hardware button sequence for that mode and the custom recovery you just flashed should boot up instead.

In conclusion, that is how to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T smartphones so you can start installing the custom ROMs and kernels you were hoping for or even find out what it takes to root the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T smartphone running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by flashing the right version of Chainfire’s SuperSU app from the custom recovery partition.

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