How to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung mobile devices [Guide]

Galaxy-Note-7-3-74839If you are a seasoned veteran looking up Android material online then you might have already come across learning what Recovery Mode is all about. Most Android versions come with a separate bootable partition that can be booted instead of the Android operating system. Only the bootloader can choose what boots so getting into the Recovery Mode must be done before the Android operating system boots up on the display. That never usually poses as sought of a threat to people who are suffering from problems because you should have no problem getting the device to switch off. Most of them can switch off either one of two ways: pressing the Power button and selecting to switch it off from the menu or just long-pressing the Power button. Long-pressing the Power button is the way to go if you are having problems with the software and it does not respond to your touches on the display.

Once you are in the Samsung Recovery Mode, you can do all the things that would usually be done from the bootloader menu that is available on other popular smartphones and tablets from other OEMs and manufacturers like HTC, LG, and OnePlus. The way in which we boot into the Recovery Mode on Samsung smartphones and tablets vary depending on what people are doing and what they have on the operating system. Those of you who have rooted Android already can install the Quick Boot app from the Google Play Store. Others who are using the Android Debug Bridge can just run a simple command from the command line. Moreover, everyone else can get into the Recovery Mode by pressing the hardware button combination that is programmed to boot into the recovery console instead of the Android operating system. The hardware button combination is very similar to the Download Mode that Samsung devices owners know so well, only it swaps the Volume Down button for the Volume Up button. Once you build up a bit of experience with both the Download Mode and the Recovery Mode button combinations, you will have little trouble remembering them since they are both related.


  1. Start by powering down the smartphone or tablet.
  2. Boot the Samsung mobile holding the Power + Home + Volume Up buttons.
  3. Wait until you can see the Recovery Mode booting.
  4. You know you have made it into the Recovery Mode when you can see new options on the display that allows you to reboot the system, apply updates from ADB, wipe data, and factory reset and so forth.

In conclusion, that is how you can enter Recovery Mode on Samsung mobile devices by using the hardware button keys. Also, you may use any of the other options we wrote about in the introduction. Just remember that you need to have ADB installed if you want to run ADB commands, and you need root access to the internal system if you want to install the Quick Boot applications from the Google Play Store.

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