How to use Snapchat Memories [Tip]

snapchat-large1Snapchat is a fun new app that is becoming more popular by the day. It allows for the sending and receiving of images and videos, along with captions to friends and family. The images are normally only visible for a few seconds once opened. However, users have wanted to save some items and so the app developers have created ‘Memories.’ Do you know how to use Snapchat ‘Memories’? For Snapchat users, the latest feature the app is offering allows them an easy way to look back at what they have sent. Here we look at how to use Snapchat ‘Memories.’

What is Snapchat Memories?

The new feature offered by Snapchat named “Memories” is a shareable and searchable archive of snaps. Snapchat users can access this feature using the app. It is easy to use Snapchat Memories. Memories takes backups of your snaps and stores them in the Snapchat server allowing users to use Snapchat ‘Memories’ as their own personal archives.  Upon your request, it will then automatically pull the snaps from the server into various categories based on the location. You can also search for the snaps using some keywords.

How to get Snapchat Memories Feature?

To use Snapchat ‘Memories’ you need to update the Snapchat app. The Snapchat team is rolling out the new feature to almost all users around the world. Once you download the latest version to your mobile, when a snap is taken, it will be received from the Snapchat team. By swiping the extra icon beneath the camera icon, you can activate the Memories feature in Snapchat. There are lots of tabs to use Snapchat ‘Memories’ that allow you to view stories, snaps and other contents present in your camera roll.

To Use Snapchat Memories and Create New Memories

It is easy to create new memories using the Snapchat Memories feature. As a first step, you need to take a snap. You can use all the filters and stickers to make your snap attractive. Now, save the snap to your camera roll. But, instead of saving the snap you have taken to the camera roll, it will get saved in the Memories section.

You can also create a story using the snap in the Memories. Select the snap you want to use and hold on it and press the option “My Snap” present at the top of your mobile’s screen. Now, tap the option “Create story from this snap.” You can include various snaps as a part of the story and then send it to your friends and family members. The snap that you have posted as a part of the story will have a time frame around it 24 hours after the snap has been clicked. You can also import the snaps from memories. For this, select the option “Import snaps from camera roll.”

You can also use the option “My Eyes Only” to use Snapchat ‘Memories’, so that you can keep some special snaps for your viewing only. To use this feature, select the snap and press and hold on it till you get the option “Move to My Eyes Only.” It will ask for a passcode to protect the snap.

The main advantage of Memories is that your snaps are saved in the server. You can access these snaps even from other mobile phones by connecting to the server.


The popularity of Snapchat is increasing day by day, especially among young people. With the availability of the latest features like Memories, it will only attract more crowds. Being that is so easy to use Snapchat Memories it makes the app all the more fun to use.

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