How to get fastest speed from Public Wi-Fi while travelling [Tip]

6368568497_69f7f23c80_bOn most occasions when you are travelling you will be using a public Wi-Fi, but do you know how to get the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi? Here are some tips you can follow to get the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi.

Tips to Follow for Getting the Best Speed

Do Not Move Around: Now, this may sound a little bit strange, but yes, staying in one place is better than moving around for getting the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi. In places like the airport or railway station where you have high-speed public Wi-Fi connections, you will see that when you first connect your Smartphone or laptop to a public Wi-Fi, you will be getting good Internet speed. But when you start moving around, you will notice that the speed starts to decrease gradually. So, it is better to remain in one place and enjoy the uninterrupted fastest speed from public Wi-Fi you can get.

Re-Establish Your Connection: In the airport, they have large Wi-Fi systems called a mesh network. These mesh networks have a number of access points. So, when you first connect your Smartphone or laptop to this mesh network, you will get the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi. The main reason for getting good speed is because you will be closer to the access point at the time of establishing a connection.  When you move from one place to another, your Smartphone or laptop will continue to connect to the same access point to which it was connected initially. But, now, since you are some distance away, the fastest speed from your public Wi-Fi connection will come down. In these circumstances, the best option is to try to re-establish a new public Wi-Fi connection. Re-establishing a new connection will allow your device to connect to the nearest access point and get the maximum speed maximum speed again. So when you are travelling, if you have to move around, to get the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi you should re-establish your connection every now and then.

Points to Remember when Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

  1. Keep your system up to date with the latest anti-virus. Make sure you don’t access any un-trusted sites when you are using a public Wi-Fi.
  2. Go for two factor authentication to make sure you have added protection for your accounts.
  3. Do not update your software when on public Wi-Fi.
  4. Do not download any apps when you are using public Wi-Fi.
  5. Check for HTTPS when trying to connect. Make sure you always use safe and secure browsing.
  6. Do not share your device with anyone and do not share any files and folders when on public Wi-Fi.

When you are travelling, most of the times you need to rely on public Wi-Fi. When connecting to public Wi-Fi, you also need to make sure you follow the necessary precautions to make sure your device is safely secured. Getting the fastest speed from public Wi-Fi can sometimes be a challenge, but following our tips can help you along.

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