How to customize Windows 10 Notifications [Tip]

windows_10_build_10565Windows 10 allows its users to customize Windows 10 notifications. With the previous versions of the Windows OS, handling notifications was a problem. But in Windows 10, users are treated to a customizable Windows 10 notification center.

Significance of Notifications

A notification has the power to make or break a system. Be it any operating system, notifications plays a very important role. Windows started using notifications in Windows 8, but it never really worked well. To solve the problems with notifications for Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new notification center named Action Center that allows you to customize Windows 10 notifications.

Advantages and Difficulties Faced in Action Center

The advantage of Action Center is that it retains the notifications, so that even if you miss a notification, you can just go to the Action Center and review it. Action Center has, no doubt, brought about a refreshing change to Windows. But users have already started complaining about the confusing interface and there are issues about how to customize Windows 10 notifications. By following the tips discussed below, you can now easily customize Windows 10 notifications using the Action Center.

Tips to Customize Windows 10 Notifications

Opening and Closing Action Center

To open Action Center, you need to click on the Action Center icon displayed in the taskbar. All the previous notifications will be displayed in the Action Center. You can review them whenever you want to do so. You can also clear the notifications by pressing the “Clear All” option or by clicking on the close icon next to each notification for closing them one by one.

Configuring Action Center

In the Action Center, there are four settings that can be used to customize Windows 10 notifications and they are known as “Actions.” To configure the Action Center, you need to go to Settings and from there to the Settings Group. Now click on the option “Notifications and Actions.” The top most set of actions displayed is known as “Quick Actions.” You can make changes to them whenever necessary. You can select the option “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” to see how many icons are there and you can turn them off if you don’t want to use them.

Turn Off Options in Action Center

Just like the previous versions of Action Center, you can turn off options like clock, volume control and the Action Center itself in this version. Action Center provides you with five options to customize Windows 10 notifications. The only issue is that you cannot control notification sound. But you can make the changes in the voice control to turn the sound off.

By turning off notifications from “Multitasking” and “Tablet Mode,” you can decrease the amount of notifications received. You can also disable notifications from specific apps using Action Center. By doing so, you can now easily manage and see notifications from apps that you wish to see. All this can be done easily with the help of Action Center.


Action Center is, no doubt, an interesting and useful feature in the Windows 10 operating system. With the availability of Action Center, people using it can now easily customize Windows 10 notifications and manage them to make sure no important notifications or events are missed.

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