How to add custom text shortcuts to iOS [Tip]

22026361156_2b01033daf_bEver wish you could add custom text shortcuts to your iPhone? Fed up with typing the same text again and again on your Smartphone? There are millions of people out there who type the same stuff again and again on their iPhone, but never think there is an easy solution for this. Apple introduced the text expansion feature in iOS 5, but somehow no one noticed it.

By adding custom shortcuts to your iPhone, you can save so much time. So, how can we add custom text shortcuts to the iPhone? There are many common words that we use multiple times and shortcuts will help to save a lot of time spent on typing repeatedly. Replacing them with shortcuts is easier than you might think. Let’s have a look.

Setting Up Custom Text Shortcuts Your iPhone

For setting up custom shortcuts in your iPhone, you need to go to Settings. From the settings screen, tap on the option “General.” Now, slowly scroll down until you notice the option “Keyboard” and tap on it. Next, tap on the option “Text Replacement.”

By default, the user can see a pre-made entry there. The text is “On my way” and the custom text shortcut for the phrase is “omw.” You can create similar custom shortcuts on your iPhone from here. To add your shortcuts, tap on the “+” icon, now just keep on adding the text and corresponding shortcuts. Once you are done with adding, save the changes.

The main advantage of adding custom text shortcuts to your iPhone is that it will work on all the synced devices and keyboards and the words are not case sensitive. They are also in sync with the Cloud making it easier for you to use it.

Common Phrases to Add as Custom Text Shortcuts

It is always better to add the most common phrases that you use regularly as custom text shortcuts on your iPhone. This feature works similar to an auto correct option, therefore, you can type the shortcut letters as a part of word, but it will only expand to the full shortcut when the user puts a space after the shortcut. For example, if you have a shortcut “omw” and you happen to type ‘Cromwell,’ you’re fine. However, type “omw” followed by a space and “on my way” will be displayed. The most common phrases to add as custom text shortcuts are given below.

  1. EML = Using this shortcut option, you don’t have to worry about typing your email every time. When you enter “EML,” it will display your email id.
  2. PHN = Phone Number. You can avoid entering your phone number every time by using this shortcut option. Just type PHN and it will automatically put your phone number.
  3. ADDR = Address. Another important custom text shortcut that can be added is the address.
  4. SIG > Signature, by entering SIG it will automatically put your signature in the text.
  5. CTCL = Can’t Talk, Call Later, another interesting shortcut that will be useful when you are in a meeting.


The latest features offered by iOS make it easy for you to add custom text shortcuts to your iPhone and save time while communicating with others. It will also save a bit of wear and tear on your tired fingers!

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