How to send GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone [Tip]

whatsapp-1789194_960_720People all over the world love to use GIFs and to send GIFs in WhatsApp. Most of the messaging apps support some kind of GIF integration. But, until recently, WhatsApp was not supporting GIF and it was something WhatsApp users all around the world were missing. Finally, WhatsApp has rolled out the feature of supporting GIFs on iPhone. But, it’s a new feature, so how do you send GIFs in WhatsApp from your iPhone? Let’s have a look at how to use this latest feature and other related features using your iPhone.

Send GIFs in WhatsApp from Your iPhone – Step-by-Step Approach

Selecting GIFs in Whatsapp

The first step to send GIFs in WhatsApp from your iPhone is to open the WhatsApp conversation window for the person to whom you want to send the GIF image to. Once you’re done with opening the conversation window, tap on the “+” icon. It is displayed on the left side of the text inputting box. Now, select the option “Photo and Video Library.” At the bottom, on the left side, you can see a new option called “GIF.” Tap on the magnifying glass icon to search and it will display all the latest trending GIFs for you to choose from. Now, search for the image to send GIFs in WhatsApp that you want and then tap on your preferred GIF to select it.

Editing GIFs in Whatsapp

After you select the GIF, you are taken to an editing screen from where you can edit the GIF and crop the length if you like. You can also see various options to insert emoji, text tool, pen tool, etc. to modify the GIF before sending it over to your friends and family. Once you are done with the modifications, click on the “Send” button to send the GIF. This is the easiest way to send GIFs in WhatsApp from your iPhone.

Sending Short Videos

You can also send short videos as GIF. First, select the video that you want to send as GIF. Once you are in the editing video, just near the “Video” icon, you can see a new option called “GIF.” Tap on that option to edit the video file and then send it as GIF via your WhatsApp from your iPhone.

Sending Live Photos

But, the most interesting part of this new feature is that you can send live photos as GIFs. Yes, you heard it right, live photos can be sent as GIFs. Just select the live photo you want to send as GIF. Now do a 3D touch on the picture and a popup menu will be displayed. Now, from the 3 options displayed there, tap on the option “Select as GIF.” Your live photo will be opened in the GIF editing window and from there you can make the necessary changes and send the live photo as GIF.

These are the various options you have to send GIFs in WhatsApp from your favorite iPhone.


With the introduction of this feature, it has become very easy to send GIFs in WhatsApp from your iPhone. With additional features like sending live pictures and videos as GIF, it is only going to make WhatsApp lovers go crazy.

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