3 ways to mount smartphone to car dashboard [Tip]

4074188102_27a856db64_bDo you know why it is good to dashboard-mount your smartphone to your car? There is no doubt that using your smartphone while driving is not safe. Many accidents have occurred and many people have lost their lives in the last few years as a result of using their smartphone while driving. But, still, we use the smartphone while driving to view maps, to view text messages received, and we talk on them (hopefully at least using ear buds, etc.). So, the smartest way is to dashboard-mount your smartphone to your car.

It makes sense to mount your smartphone to your car so that you can look at it and talk with your hands where they should be – on the steering wheel. There are quite a few different ways of doing it. Here, we will look at the best 3 options for holding your phone in your car so that you don’t have to use your hands.

Windshield or Dashboard Mount – 1st Way to Mount Your Smartphone to Your Car

You may have seen windshield or dashboard-types of mounting a smartphone in many vehicles already. They use suction cups or adhesive mounts with cradles. They hold the smartphone without falling down. The best option is to go for a dashboard mount, as the chances of your smartphone falling are less. There are many instances where windshield mounts with large gooseneck arms do not hold the smartphone well especially if phone is around 5 inches or more.

There are very good dashboard mount models available for as low as $20. These models have a very strong suction cup and extendable arms that help when you have a deep dashboard. They offer a warranty and are normally capable of holding phone of any size. By pressing the release button, you can easily extract your phone.

CD-Slot Mount – 2nd Way to Talk Hands Free

Does your car have a CD player? You can use the space of your CD player to mount your smartphone to your car. But one point that needs to be considered here is the position of the CD player. If it is very low, then it may not be a good idea to mount your smartphone there.

For a CD mount, there are two options, magnet and cradle. You can have a CD mount for less than $10 that can hold your smartphone well.

Magnet Mount – 3rd Way to Mount Your Smartphone to Your Car

A magnet mount is the 3rd way to mount your smartphone to your car. For this, you need to put your smartphone in a case and then slide a metal plate inside the case. This will help to mount it anywhere using a magnet mount option. It is the fastest and easiest option to mount your smartphone to your car. They are usually available for less than $8. The only problem with this type is that the metal plate can keep your smartphone from charging when you are driving.


Smartphones are a part and parcel of most people’s lives and they are lost without them. Today, many people cannot live a moment without their smartphones. When driving, mounting your smartphone is the best option as it reduces the chances of accidents caused by using the smartphone. All three options to mount your smartphone to the car are good and safe.

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