How do spammers get your email address? [Tip]

Ever thought how spammers get your email address? No matter how careful we are, spam emails always gets into our email account. Is there anything we can do so that these spammers do not get your email address? Here are some actions that you can take to prevent spammers from getting your email address.

Ways in Which Spammers Get Your Email Address

Leaked Account Database

One of the easiest ways in which spammers get your email address is from a leaked account database. There is not much a person can do to prevent spammers who get your email address via this method. Account leaks happen on a regular basis even with big companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo and Adobe. When accounts are leaked, they not only show your email address, but also show other vital information such as your password. It is a serious security breach, but unfortunately it is happening on a regular basis in the last few years. By going to a site named, you can check whether your email has been leaked or not. But like other sites, this site also does not provide you all the links.

Clicking Images and Opening Unknown Emails

When you click on images or open emails that are present in your Spam folder, you are allowing more spammers get your email address. You can always click on the “Unsubscribe” link, if the email is from a legitimate company. But, if it is from a company that is unknown, then do not click on anything that is there in the email.

If you click on spam emails, they will understand that your email account is active and will follow up with numerous unwanted emails. The same thing happens when you click on load images button in unwanted emails. When you click on the load images button, there will be some hidden trackers that will notify the spammer that you have opened the email and you will be bombed with numerous spam emails. So, the best way to protect your account and avoid spammers getting your email account is to say a “NO” to clicking on spam emails.

Scraping the Web for Test Address

Another way spammers get your email address is by scraping the web for plain text address. There are many people who mention “email me @” Spammers, who see this address, will add it to their spam list and you will start receiving spam. Users have to keep in mind that spammers are keeping their eyes open and are trying various methods to find valid email IDs.

Through Address CDs

Are you planning to buy CD’s that contain email addresses so that you can send them emails about your business? Many people have spent money on buying CDs that contain email address, but they are not aware that they become spammers by sending emails to many of those addresses. The companies that sell CDs with email IDs are actually spammers who got the email IDs as part of leaked databases. When you send emails to these IDs, it will go to their spam folder and you will also become a part of spam. So, never buy or sell CDs that contain bulk email addresses.


Spammers are everywhere and they are trying various means to get your email address. Keep in mind the points mentioned above when dealing with spammers and while using your email address on the internet. To get your email address spammers are always looking for new ways, and although we can’t prevent them all, the above cautions can help.

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