How to easily backup and migrate browser bookmarks [Tip]

There is so much information like the browser history and cookies that are not very important. They will get cleared after some time, but how about your browser bookmarks? Is that important? Bookmarks are very important and that is why browsers provide you with the option to backup and migrate your browser bookmarks. So, how do you do it?

Some browsers allow you to easily export your browser bookmarks via an HTML file and make it easy to migrate your browser bookmarks, but some browsers need you to install some add-ons to migrate your bookmarks.

Steps to Backup and Migrate Your Browser Bookmarks on Different Browsers

Google Chrome

Google Chrome gives you an option to easily migrate your browser bookmarks. Start by clicking on the Chrome menu icon that is displayed at the top right-hand side of your browser. Now, go to Bookmarks and from there choose the Bookmarks Manager. The shortcut to open bookmarks manager is CTRL + Shift + O.

Now, click on “Organize” and then select the option “Export bookmarks to HTML” option. Once you are done, save the file in a path that you prefer. Make sure you choose the correct save as type when saving the HTML file.


Mozilla Firefox also offers you the option to easily migrate your browser bookmarks. Here, the first step is to open the library window. For that, use the shortcut CTRL + Shift + B and click on the option “Import and Backup.” Now, select the option “Export Bookmarks to HTML” to backup and migrate your browser bookmarks. When exporting your browser bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox, it saves the file as HTML by default. You can add specific details like the date and time to differentiate the file.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, like Firefox and Chrome, supports the ability to backup and migrate your browser bookmarks feature. For this, the first step is to click on the “Start” icon. Now, click on the drop down arrow and select the option “Import and Export.

Now, from the Import and Export settings screen, you have to select the option “Export to a file.” Now click on the “Next” button, in the second screen. Make sure you have checked the option “Favorites” and then click on the Next button. Now, select the favorites you want to export. By default, your bookmarks are exported to an HTML file and will be saved to your documents folder. You can, however, change the filename and path for saving the browser bookmarks. You have to keep in mind that your have to click on the “Export” button after choosing the path to save the HTML file to complete the export process in Internet Explorer.

Other browsers like Opera and Microsoft Edge also support easy backup to migrate your browser bookmarks, but the steps are slightly different.


Easily backup and the ability to migrate your browser bookmarks is an important feature that browsers support and it should be something every person should know how to do.

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