How to use Control Center in iOS 10 [Tip]

Do you know how to use the Control Center in iOS 10? Control Center was present in iOS 9 too, but most users did not find it attractive enough due to its sluggish looks. But with iOS 10, Apple has made major improvements in the Control Center.

In the last couple of years, Apple has been delivering excellent features with every new version of iOS. The new Control Center in iOS offers 3 different panels. Let’s look at them closely.

Using Control Center in iOS 10

To access Control Center in iOS 10, you just need to swipe upwards on your iPhone or iPad. The new look of the Control Center catches your attention from the word go. When compared to the older version of iOS 9, the new Control Center in iOS 10 offers a fresh and clean look. The buttons are more contrasting and appealing, text is sharper and all the buttons have rounded corner edges making it more interesting and attractive.

3D Touch: The main feature of the Control Center is that 3D touch is incorporated. The 3D touch is incorporated into all the buttons along the bottom edges of the screen. For example, if you press and hold the camera icon, it will show you two options, to take a picture or to record a video. It is a very attractive feature that has drawn the attention of users from all around the world.

Separate Panels: The new Control Center in iOS 10 is divided into panels or cards so that it offers a fresh look. You can easily swipe through these panels without any difficulty. By swiping left you can access its own designated card, unlike iOS 9 where you needed to clutter media controls on one card itself.

Play Music: When you’re playing music files through the Control Center in iOS 10, by tapping on “Now Playing on iPhone” option, you can easily choose the output designation.

Smart Home Access: Another interesting feature of the Control Center in iOS 10 is the ability of controlling your “Home-Kit” enabled services.  By swiping to the third panel, you can easily access “Smart Home” linked accessories. Through this panel, you can turn on and off lights, close doors and do whatever you want without moving from one panel to another.

View Scenes: If you wish to see a scene, you just need to tap on the “Scene” option in the home kit panel. All the exciting features make the Control Center a must have feature in your iPhone or iPad.

Disable Control Center: But, if you want to disable Control Center in iOS 10, Apple also offers the user the ability to disable it without much difficulty. By going into settings you just need to turn off the option “Access on Lock Screen” and “Access within Apps.”


Control Center in iOS 10 is an exceptional feature offered by Apple who leads the race in offering a flagship operating system. The new look, easy to use, full feature oriented Control Center adds value to iOS 10. There is no doubt that it is a welcome and much needed change from what we had in iOS 9.

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