How to print to Google cloud printer from iOS [Tip]

Have you ever tried to print to a Google cloud printer from your iOS device? Apple’s “AirPrint” app allows you to print to a printer that is AirPrint enabled. So, if you want to print to a Google cloud printer from your iOS device, you must make some tweaks.

Steps to Print from iOS

Most Google apps support the option to print to a Google cloud printer. For example, suppose you are using Google Chrome to view a web site or using Gmail app to read emails or the Google drive to view documents. For all the above cases, you can easily open “Print” and print the content. The only thing you need to remember here is that the Print option will be available, but will be present in different locations.

So, when you’re using the Google apps, it provides you with the opportunity to print to a Google cloud printer instead of the default option “AirPrint.” You need to keep in mind that cloud printer will display the available printers for the Google account you have used to sign in. Google does support the option to share cloud printers with other Google accounts, but there are a few modifications that must be made to do so.

PrintCentral Pro to Print to a Google Cloud Printer from Any App

Unfortunately, Google does not provide any apps to support Google cloud printing for iOS. So, in case you need to print a document or file to a Google cloud printer from any other app, you need to install third party apps. The best third party app to use is PrintCentral Pro.

You can buy any of the two available versions of PrintCentral Pro. The app provides different versions for iPad and iPhone. It is difficult to find any free app that supports Google cloud printing.

Once you’re done with the installation of PrintCentral Pro in your iOS device, you can see that PrintCentral Pro supports various other types of printers like Wi-Fi. To add your Google cloud printer, just tap on the icon “+.” Now, select the option “Google cloud printing” and sign in with your Google account to access any Google cloud printer located nearby.

Sharing and Printing Shared Apps

One of the interesting features of the PrintCentral Pro is the “Share Feature.” This feature allows you to share any documents from any app with your PrintCentral Pro app. For sharing, open the app from where you need to send the file. Now, within the app, open the file and tap on the option “Share.” Tap now on “More” and select “PCL Pro” option. When you select this option, a copy of the document will be sent to the PrintCentral Pro application. From there, it is easy for you to print the file.


Printing to a cloud printer is a great feature that is supported by iOS devices these days. With the help of a third party app like PrintCentral Pro, it is easy to print to a Google cloud printer from any app making your job much easier.

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