How to wirelessly transfer files between PC and Android [Tip]

Do you transfer files between your PC and Android phone? How do you do it? Most people use a USB cable to connect to their PC and then transfer files between the PC and Android phone. But, there is a more convenient way to do that. You can transfer files between your PC and your smartphone wirelessly. Does that sound good? Let’s see how it is done.

Things You Need to Transfer Files between Your PC and Android Phone Wirelessly

Before you start the process of transferring files between your PC and Android phone wirelessly, you need to install various applications on your phone.

  • ES File Explorer: ES File Explorer is a file manager application for Android users. The app offers various features like a built-in search option, LAN browser, image viewer, etc. The LAN browser helps to transfer files through a Wi-Fi connection.
  • swiFTP: swiFTP is a lightweight file transfer protocol (FTP) server that allows you to transfer multiple files to your PC. The file transfer is done through a secure FTP connection.

Once you’re done with installing the apps, which is available in the Play Store, you can start the process of transferring files between your PC and Android phone wirelessly.

Enabling FTP Access to Your Android Phone

After you are done with installing swiFTP in your Android phone, you need to launch it. It will ask for a username and password. So, create yourself a login and then connect to the swiFTP server. When you run the application, an IP address will be displayed, you need to note down the IP address along with the port. This information is required for you to establish an FTP connection.

Upload Files to Android Phone

The next step in transferring files between your PC and Android phone is uploading files to your Android phone. For this, you need to create a shortcut for your Android phone in your Windows machine. Right click on the desktop and select “Add a network location.” Now, enter the IP address you noted down earlier. You need to enter the same username you used in swiFTP and press the “Next” button. Give a name to the connection and press the “Next” button again. Now, you have successfully created a shortcut to access your Android phone from your PC.

Now, tap on this shortcut and enter the password you used for the FTP and you can easily access files and folders from your Android phone within your computer wirelessly.

Transferring Files Between Your PC and Android Phone

Here, you can transfer files between your PC and Android phone through the ES File Explorer. You just need to run the ES File Explorer and then move to file explorer and tap on the “New” button. Give a search and it will display all the shared folders in the LAN tab. Now, go back to your local tab and from there, copy the files and folders you need to copy to the PC and then come back to the LAN tab and paste it in the shared folder. Through this way, you have successfully transferred files between your PC and Android phone.


Transferring files between your PC and Android phone wirelessly is now easy with the help of the apps discussed here. It may seem complicated at first, but you will find it much easier in the long run than having to search for a cable to transfer your files.

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