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Our purpose here on dotTech is to make your tech life easier; that includes your smartphone. As part of our “make-your-tech-life-easier” theme, we have created an Android apps repository. We have reviewed, selected, and listed the best free Android apps available on Android Market Google Play Store across a wide range of categories. We have done the hard work of sorting the good from the bad, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is click the links below that interest you; it really is as simple as that.

This repository is being constantly updated, with new apps and recommendations being added. So check back regularly! (Subscribe: RSS Feed | E-mail)

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  1. min min

    I love LEO Privacy App because it’s my friend, philosopher & guide of my mobile. It’s a must have app who takes care of our smartphones by App Lock, WiFi Security, Anti-Theft, Break-in Alert, we can hide photo, video, private callm private SMS, App Backup, Swifty Data Monitor, Battery usage all in one place under one umbrella. Just like our family doctors it saves our phone from thieves. Cherry on the cake is it can Backup Apps which is very useful of our most of the Android smartphones. Also offering Data Monitoring, privacy protection. We can hide our very personal data, photo, video with pattern lock. Its a must have app.

  2. Sonia Bray

    Great apps. I suggest this new app, it’s called “We’re arriving”, and is the best location-based alarm manager. The idea is help people that often go to unknown places, or frequently use public transport and enjoy being distracted by a book, music, landscape or take a good nap. Now they can rest assured that the We’re arriving will notify them when entering the alarm trigger area.

  3. Wesley Bates

    Hello Ashraf, this is a little outdated now :) case in point: Cortana is making a lot of news. And that is NOT even a category there. :) Nice blog though! I liked it.

  4. mrlee

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 8″ tablet — AKA: SM-T310 – (It is WiFi ONLY!!)
    It was shipped with Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean

    I am looking for the following apps: (Note: I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find them; via Google,etc. — no joy, thus, I am here seeking the help of fellow dottechies.)

    1) Free SMS (Text Message), app – (actually I would be willing to pay a flat fee for the app itself—but no monthly fees. Apparently, Samsung provided a ‘stock app’, with version 4.1 of Jelly Bean, but for whatever reason, decided to drop it with version 4.2 — NOTE: The app has to be WiFi only, and CAN NOT be linked to a smart phone number. I DO NOT have a smart phone, but use a ‘dumb phone’, along with an older ipod touch, (4th generation w/ ios ver. 4.1) .

    2) A note-taking app that uses a tree-type, hierarchical system that uses RTF, (Rich Text Format).
    Frankly, I am astonished that SOMEONE, hasn’t provided this by now—perhaps they have, and I just haven’t been able to locate it—this is my hope.
    NOTE: I have Microsoft OneNote, however the Android version’s features are very sparse. Can’t even change the size of the font, (which is very tiny).
    NOTE: I am willing to pay a substantial amount for this app, (if need be), if it meets the above requirements and is stable.
    NOTE: I have EverNote and I just don’t have the need for most of it’s features and can out figure out how to simulate a tree-type view.
    NOTE: For many, many years I have used an app on my desktop and laptops called TexNotes. I live in this app and have dreams and fantasies about having an Android & ios equivalent! Well not really, but you get where I am coming from.

    If anyone has any suggestions, it would be most appreciated to hear them.

    Best regards, Mister Lee

  5. Tue Shooze

    [@Rob (Down Under)] Hi, I have the S2. All you need to do is power off the phone, plug in the USB cable then power on the phone while connected. Click on “My computer” and it will show up as a Media player. Double click and there you can access all your files on the phone and micro USB both. Hope this helps.



    De Android Market is hetzelfde voor smartphones en tablets, maar sommige apps komen beter tot z’n recht op een groter scherm, of juist op een kleiner. Films zet je er gewoon op via je laptop of pc dat is het grote voordeel van Android ten opzichte van iPad waar dat allemaal een heel gedoe is.

  7. Rob (Down Under)

    Is there a page (thread/topic) discussing simple transfer of files (JPGs) from Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android version 4.0.3) to a PC.
    I am not looking for an app, just advice how to do it via USB cable.
    My friend and I have identical phones, and we have both tried the following, with no success –
    We both tried this –
    i have the sprint galaxy s2 epic 4g so these steps should work for you …
    plug the USB cable into your phone.
    click ‘settings’ on your phone then click on the ‘wireless and network’ option
    scroll down to and click on ‘USB utilities’
    a box should pop up on your phone saying ‘connect storage to PC’ so click on it
    now plug the other end of the USB into your PC
    a box should pop up on your phone saying ‘connect USB storage’ so click on it
    2 boxes should pop up on your PC that now allow you to see your phone’s files. On my PC
    ‘k’ is my phone’s memory and ‘L’ is my phones memory card. When you’re done moving files between your phone and PC, just click on the ‘diconnect storage from PC’ box on your phone and you can now diconnect the usb cable from the phone and PC.

    Could someone direct me to a DotTech page where this was discussed ?
    My friend does not have internet (on his PC). I am sure that I can do it with Bluetooth, but he would prefer if he could use a USB cable.

  8. ferassie

    Ik lees vaak de term android, maar het is mij niet duidelijk of daar ook android op tablets wordt bedoelt?

    Ikzelf heb een Asus tf300T en zou graag een site willen zien, waar ze apps voor mijn Asustf300T aanbieden. Mijn tablet heeft android 4.03 en 3G. Ik heb er geen telefoon opzitten. Ik ben invalide en ben over het algemeen aan bed gekluisterd. In bed wil ik dan films op mijn tablet bekijken. Wie kan mij wat tips geven voor sites waar gratis apps op te verkrijgen zijn of films.

    mvg, Ferassie

  9. Angie

    FREE mobile APPLICATION for android – MedDose – TRANSLATED IN 7 LANGUAGES with many advanced features COMING SOON!!!!! This is a must have app for anyone taking medication on a regular basis

  10. fyza

    i hav nevr find so far any software tht allows video call on android,
    on skype here is option but nevr works. any buddy know how to do
    video call on skype or any software on samsung galaxy and 2·2

  11. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Locutus: Nope, go right ahead. In fact I would love to see it. Don’t worry about “duplicate” apps; if an app works extremely well on Android and iOS then it deserves to be featured for both platforms.

    EDIT: Okay now I see what you meant by your comment. Of course it would be better to have alternatives, but if you can only find one app that does a specific task on iOS, that is okay.