Get CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 for free (when it is released) by participating in the CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 Beta program

Looking for a professional-grade photo manipulation software? This may be your chance to get one, without having to pay a cent. Recently CyberLink released the Beta version of their PhotoDirector software: PhotoDirector 2011 Beta. As a way to encourage people to participate in the Beta program (so bugs can be found, issues can be fixed, etc.) CyberLink is offering PhotoDirector 2011 ($99.95 value) for free – when it is released –  to anyone that takes part in the Beta program and “provide[s] feedback by June 20th”:

Update: The fine details mention you will get a 90 day trial of PhotoDirector 2011 Beta and you must be 18 years or older to get PhotoDirector 2011 for free:

Limitations – Participants will receive a 90 day trial version of the [Beta] software by providing a valid email address

Feedback – To receive the full version of the software after it is released, participants must be over 18 years of age and provide feedback to a designated CyberLink email address related  directly to how the participants experienced PhotoDirector by June 20th, 2011.

At the time of this writing Beta signups are available to everyone (they may be closed later on if many people signup, so hurry if you want to get in on this). Signing up for Beta is as simple as entering your name e-mail address and following on-screen instructions:

I have not personally tried PhotoDirector – so I don’t know how good or bad the software is – nor have I tried to participate in this offer, so I don’t know exactly how providing feedback works. However, for those of you that are willing to learn a bit as you go (i.e. use PhotoDirector 2011 Beta, think of some feedback to provide to CyberLink, find out how you can provide feedback, confirm with CyberLink you will get PhotoDirector 2011 for free when it is released, and wait until it is released), this is a great opportunity to get CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 for free. Hit up the link below to signup for the Beta program and get the ball rolling:

CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 Beta signups

Thanks Sascha!

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  1. david roper

    Well it took me four hours to do it but REVO Pro and Regedit and me finally did it. This has been a terrible experience with CYBERLINK Products. I cannot think of a good reason why they would make it so hard to remove knowing folks like me will not speak well of them. And trust me on that.

    Ashraf, I am sorry to take up your hard drive space but i want all my friends (known and unknown) on here at dotTech to know of the difficulty I had removing CYBERLINK programs, Just horrible.

  2. jayesstee

    @david roper:
    I really think you will have to roll up your sleeves and “knife and fork” your registry. If you know what you are doing, please ignore the following.
    Like I said before: “Make sure you back up the registry first. Also set a system restore point.”
    Then open ‘Regedit.exe’.
    Right-click your cursor on ‘Computer’ at the top of the LH pane.
    Select ‘Export’, choose a filename and location for this valuable backup.
    Once backed-up, click on the ‘Edit’ menu tab and then on ‘Find’. Enter ‘cyberlink’ in the search window and click ‘Find Next’.
    Wait ages until it finds the first entry. Read the entry carefully, take a deap breath and delete. press [F3] on the keyboard and wait for the next entry. And so on until the ‘Finished searching the registry’ message.
    Reboot and hope for closure.

  3. david roper


    I spoke too soon. REVO still sees it and that’s after I used CNET REG scrubber 10 times.

    This thing will not die, it’s like a vampire and I do not have a wooden stake. Arghhhh!

    Software developers like this should be driven out of town on a rail. IMHO

  4. david roper

    Thanks Jayesstee for your help.

    I used everything to delete everything and file and jpg it found and after they were all gone (one folder had 850MB in it) I used Clary One Click to clean up my reg and its links and then rebooted, Ahhhh…. gone at last. Good bye Cyberlink, you have metastacized on my laptop for the last time.

  5. david roper


    Thanks, J, I will try this – tomorrow – with a clear and fresh head.

    @ASHRAF – I would hope that you post this warning on everything “offered” by Cyberlink, ie that it cannot be removed easily with normal standard Windows removal methods. It doesn’t play fair.;-)

  6. jayesstee

    @david roper:
    It’s very frustrating when software refuses to be removed. I been successful in the past by using a two part strategy.
    1) Clean traces from the registry. I personally use ‘Registry Finder’, part of jv16 PowerTools 2011 to search for, and then delete, errant items. If you haven’t got this or the equivalent, then you can use ‘Regedit’.
    Make sure you back up the registry first. Also set a system restore point.
    2) Clean out files and folders. I personally use ‘Everything’, see:…..verything/
    This find files and folders and allow you to delete them.
    If you get denied permission to delete a file or folder, I often succeed by using a “take ownership” right-click option in Windows Explorer. It does what it says, you can take ownership of a file or folder. To get it visit:
    It applies to Win 7 as well as Vista. For XP see:
    Finally, you may need to reboot once or more times during file/folder deletion to allow the system to recognize when some files/folders have been deleted. Safe mode is a good option.
    Good luck, it can be a slow process!

  7. david roper

    This post is rather old being made in Jan of 2012, but this is the best place to put it I think.??
    I am trying to Remove some programs and “clean up” for the new year and I cannot get rid of Cyberlink DVD suite. It’s not messing up anything that I can see but i cannot get a clean “remove” of it.

    I want it off, freeware or not.

    Believe this or not, but just “Google” “getting rid of Cyberlink DVD SUite” and you will see that I am not the only one. REVO PRO would not do it either.

    Anyone know how? — or what to use?

  8. Phoenix FC

    @cb: A couple of days ago, I used the contact form at to send a message that I hadn’t received a licence key yet. Their contact form allows adding attachments so I included a copy of the questionnaire I’d filled out back then, as well as a screenshot of my e-mail client showing the e-mail the file was attached to and the time/date it was submitted. They sent me a download link and a licence key for the full version.

    For anyone who hasn’t received their key yet contact technical support with some proof you submitted your feedback by the deadline. There seems to have been some glitch that kept some people from automatically getting a key.

  9. Phoenix FC

    @cb: So it wasn’t just me! Thanks for letting me know cb.

    I’d been wondering cause I’d read somewhere that some people got an e-mail thanking them for providing feedback when they sent their feedback in, and I hadn’t. And then I never received the upgrade licence, and it’s not in my Director Zone area either – just shows that I have the beta trial, but no upgrade. I actually check my spam folders fairly often and there was nothing there. All the Cyberlink director zone e-mails are making it through without being relegated to spam too.

    Anyways, seems other people have been having issues too, as discussed in the following forum thread…

    Apparently if you contact Cyberlink tech support with the details of your initial submission (you may have to provide some sort of proof) then they’ll take care of it for you. I haven’t done this yet (busy, busy, busy) but I’ll report back if all goes well.

  10. Phoenix FC

    Have any of you received a non-expiring version yet? Their page says they were going to do that by June 30th, but I haven’t heard from them (nothing in my spam folders or in my online account either).

  11. The Horse

    Hey, this is good stuff. I actually purchased Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 on their recent “anything for $9.99” special. Ashampoo is a good product. Cyberlink is possibly a little nicer (I love the feature to save screensaver presentations in a range of vid formants, etc.). It is every bit Ashampoo’s equal, with the added advantage of having a more streamlined, and easier to “get” interface. Very clean, and very fast software. I’ve tried resizing, editing, etc. All fine.

    Bear in mind it is new. Some things are still a little strange. For instance, why can’t I have view-image “resize” functionality using the mouse scroll wheel? But these are minor things.

    At the outset, having used the software heavily for my last two ebay uploads (I do a bit of selling), I can safely say that “she’s a keeper” provided it doesn’t grow fangs in the next week. I will definitely take the production version when it comes out. Natch, I’ll keep the Ashampoo in reserve.

  12. Col. Panek

    I downloaded all 96 MB of it and tried it out. It seems to run kind of slow, with a time lag on actions. The color controls are quite involved and you can change levels of different colors, pretty cool. I was hoping that they had an unwanted element remover tool like Photoshop (X it out and poof it’s gone), but there’s only a clone tool.

    I sent back the form, but I had to save it then edit it because it wouldn’t take my tick marks or comments; finally got it to work in rtf format. I mailed it in, but got 3 returned mails from different Cyberlink employees.

    They may have a hard time selling this at a similar price to the Photoshop equivalent. Mostly I use XnView, and for heavy duty use Gimp.

  13. Giovanni

    Yes this is a terrific SW and probably the best cheaper alternative to PHOTOSHOP, Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

    But I believe it’s suitable for professional photographers only (so not for me…LOL!!)!!

    For the “average joe” home users I recommend the freeware PHOTOSCAPE:

    Have you ever used it, Ashraf??

    It works like a charm for me and doesn’t cost a dime!!

  14. Jimmy

    I tested it out for a while and fount the software to be streamline and easy to learn to use. All the tools and setting or mostly in one place, it is not complicated to use as (photoshop or Gimp). I am not an expert when it comes to Photo correction software; as an amateur I find it easy to make all the correction I need to as a home user.

  15. Unicorn02

    I tested the software a bit and it is kind of similar to Picasa. But it is really more aimed at the professional photographer. All actions you do on your photos are non-destructive to the original photo. A kind of “manipulation history” is saved with each photo, so you can redo/undo the steps of photoediting as you wish. You can even create “virtual” copies of your photos and then manipulate/tune those. This is a real cool and interesting feature! Lots of color control and really professional photo manipulation!
    If you want to have the changes on your photo saved as a new file, you will have to “export” the photo. Then you will get it as a new file with all the manipulations applied.
    The program makes definately a fine tuned and slick appearance. And it can also work with RAW camera files. I like it!

  16. Phoenix FC

    Signed up for the Beta.

    Got an e-mail with a link, which turns out to be a dedicated downloader that downloads the actual program. That was a bit of an annoyance since I have a few different downloaders and third party downloaders typically hog all the bandwidth and knock anything else I’m downloading out either permanently or for a while. This one did exactly that. Although they don’t have any controls to limit how much bandwidth it uses, they did put in a pause and cancel button so I paused it until my other stuff finished so I could run this while nothing else was going.

    The download is 95.36 Mb and I was getting 300 kb/s speed when I downloaded it (that the max my ISP connection can handle).

    The e-mail also contains two Word document (.doc) forms. One is an issue report form that they’d like you fill out and send in if you encounter errors (this doesn’t seem to be a requirement to get the free full version though). The other is the questionnaire that you have to fill out and send in by June 20th, 2011 to qualify for the free full version.

    The questionnaire does ask a few personal questions – Age range, Gender, Nationality – but other than that is just about the software and your photo related activities.

    Haven’t had a chance to use the software yet…must sleep now!

  17. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Debbie: What do you mean what do I think about the company CyberLink? I am not sure what you are asking. And seeing as I haven’t used PhotoDirector, I cannot comment on how it compares to Picasa. My guess, however, is that PhotoDirector offers more professional features.