New CleanMem Mini Monitor allows users to manually run CleanMem and keep an eye on RAM usage

Do you use CleanMem? (If not, you really should.) Yes? Well, then, you will be glad to hear CleanMem has been updated to v1.6.0 and now comes with an extra goodie – CleanMem Mini Monitor.

CleanMem Mini Monitor is a very simple addon to CleanMem; it allows users to

  1. View RAM usage
  2. Run CleanMem with a click of a button
  3. Easily access Windows Task Scheduler to modify CleanMem auto-run settings

CleanMem Mini Monitor has two basic components to it – a widget, and a system tray icon:

  • The widget monitors the status of your RAM and how many processes you have running, as you can see in the screenshot, and provides you with a button which, once clicked, runs CleanMem.
  • The system tray icon displays the percentage of RAM that is currently being used and if you hover your mouse over the icon, it displays the same information as the widget:

Additionally, right-clicking on the system tray icon allows you to manually run CleanMem, show/hide the widget, open CleanMem Mini Monitor settings, open Windows Task Scheduler to modify CleanMem autorun settings, and exit CleanMem Mini Monitor:

The following are all the CleanMem Mini Monitor settings you can customize:

As you can see in the screenshot, there are options to control the look of the widget/monitor, such as control its color, make it transparent, or always make it appear on top. Oddly enough, there is no option to lock the widget/monitor in place; hopefully it will be added in future updates to CleanMem Mini Monitor.

The cool thing about CleanMem Mini Monitor is that it is optional; you don’t have to use it if you don’t want. CleanMem Mini Monitor does not replace CleanMem nor is CleanMem dependent on it.  CleanMem does its job – i.e. automatically running every 30 minutes (by default – this can be changed, as discussed in the CleanMem article) and cleaning your memory – regardless of if you use CleanMem Mini Monitor or not.

Personally, I feel CleanMem Mini Monitor is (was) a much needed addon. Many people are confused with how CleanMem works and often don’t understand that it runs in the background automatically. Now with this new addon, CleanMem has a “face”; it no longer is some magic tool Ashraf says works. Two thumbs up for Shane (the developer of CleanMem) for adding it.

To get CleanMem Mini Monitor simply download and install the latest version of CleanMem – CleanMem Mini Monitor comes with CleanMem. If you already have a previous version of CleanMem, just install the new version over it. You can grab CleanMem and CleanMem Mini Monitor from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.6.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Download size: 896 KB

CleanMem homepage [direct download]

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  • @Filtereyez: The lack of any auto update notification is by design. Shane and I agree that if that was added it would become intrusive. The whole reason there wasn’t any sort of “face” till now for the same reason. We didn’t want users to be annoyed by any program.
    @Jimmy: That is definitely a false positive. I will look into this. Until then I recommend disabling AVG when you download/install CleanMem or set an exception if possible. This has happened in the past and the anti-virus vendors have been quick to correct the false positive.
    @Robert from Boston: I’ll talk to Shane about adding a feature to allow an initial start-up time. I can tell you though that CleanMem doesn’t negatively effect start-up but I think users might find this option useful.

    Thanks for all the great comments and for supporting CleanMem. It’s been an uphill battle but all of your support is greatly appreciated!


  • Kissol

    @Robert from Boston: @Robert from Boston:
    You can try this .bat file:

    ::Note: 3000=3 sec.
    @echo off
    ping -n 1 -w 3000 > nul
    start “” cleanmem.exe

  • zugshad

    I am not sure which AV you are using Ha.. but for me.. i use Eset and cleammem does effect it.. i will notice the memory usage in idle mode for Eset go down when i run the Cleanmem…

    This is by far one of my most favorite addons/tools to have on teh PC… the amount of memory it clears is different for each prograem.. but as an example.. my FireFox went from about 180mb down to under 50mb easy… definitely does a great job.. a must have for all


  • Robert from Boston

    Ashraf –

    Thanks for the suggestion of delaying the launch of CleanMem via use of the “Trigger” attribute in the Task Scheduler. Unfortunately, it seems that XP doesn’t have this property available via the Task Scheduler dialogues (at least MINE doesn’t!). I guess I could attempt to figure out how to make a batch file, put the batch file in a startup location, and delay it’s initial startup by using AnVir’s delayed startup abililty, or some other delay tactic. Got to learn how to do a batch file now, lol…

  • Jimmy

    Hi Ashraf;
    As soon as I installed CleanMem, AVG 2011 pro. Found mailware. Do not know if it’s a fouls positive or not.

  • Filtereyez

    I stumbled across this little gem about 2 + years ago and have been using it since, only thing is I never remember to look for updates to it until I have problems and need to do a reinstall to the OS. Thanks Ashraf and Dottech for the heads up on this much needed and cool update!

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: BTW Since I wrote this article last night the developer has updated to v1.6.1 so if you have v1.6.0 download the new update.

  • Ashraf

    @Rob: Honestly I wouldn’t know – I haven’t really looked into the RAM cleaning features of WinOptimizer or Advanced SystemCare. However, if you are happy with them, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    @Robert from Boston: Run Windows Task Scheduler -> Find the CleanMem task -> Click on Properties -> Go to Triggers -> Click on the trigger -> Click Edit -> Look for “Delay Task For” under “Advanced Settings” -> Set how long you want to delay it at system boot.

  • Robert from Boston

    Ashraf –
    I’ve been using CleanMem for a couple of weeks now, since I came across it here on dottech. Great little program, really helps minimize Firefox’s habit of eating memory even when it’s just idle in the background (also recently found the addon “BarTab”, which keeps open-but-not-recently-viewed tabs in a reduced-memory mode until actively viewed, which helps a lot also ;-) ).

    One thing I’m wondering about. I’ve set CleanMem a little aggressively, to run every 10 minutes, which is great once my system is up and running, but I would prefer that it didn’t do it’s thing while the computer is in the initial system/program startup process. Because CleanMem runs via TaskScheduler instead of by the more traditional registry or startup locations, I can’t use a startup manager program (or AnVir Task Manager etc.) to automatically delay it’s startup until all the other startup programs have loaded. Any thoughts on a possible automated way to delay startup of CleanMem??

  • Rob

    Ashraf, I use Ashampoo’s winoptimizer 6 and Advance system care pro “smart ram” cleaning feature to free up ram, Is Cleanmem better than the two I use? I am using windows xp pro/ sp3 on a 32bit machine
    that is 9 years old. It is fast but there are times when I could open the window and let it fly.

  • Dan Groves

    One good turn …. Hey Ashraf, learned about CleanMem from dotTech a while back and love it. Not sure if I’ll use the monitor much (anti-clutter nut), but it is cool. Just wondering, however, if you saw the link to HashTab on the CleanMem page? I can be O/C on some things and getting what I came for is one of those – I actually do check MD5 and other checksums/hashes. HashTab is a cool way to clutter up windows explorer ;^) with something that beats comparing checksums by hand (by eye?). FYI

  • Moseph Joseph

    Like Gene, I have been running CleanMem for many months now, and the mini-monitor since I became aware of it. I recommend this app to everyone I know, and it definitely goes on my list of must have software!

  • Gene Healy

    Been running CleanMem for awhile and the mini-monitor for several weeks now. Agree totally that the new add-on was just the icing on the cake that makes this a super utility!

  • PapyLuc

    Voici enfin un logiciel simple et clair pour surveiller l’ état de la mémoire. Ce n’ est pas indispensable mais fort pratique dans certaines situations.

    ??? ???…

    “Finally, a simple software to monitor and clear the memory status. This is not essential but handy in certain situations.”

    Bye from Belgium (Liège/Luik/Luttich).

  • jumbi

    How could I had found out without about this wonderful new version without my daily visit to dottech?!
    Thank you once again for the wonderful article.

    p.s. #1 antivirus engines (or any other “locked” files) have nothing to do with cleanmem’s job. Check initial article for more info.


    YES ^^ Thank you, this is what was needed to this excellent peace of software.

  • ha14

    thanks for the article, i nstalledit and runns fine, but possible that cleanmem cant do anything with antivirus engine that protects themslves.