[Heads Up] HP Touchpad on sale for $99/$149 (16gb/32gb) starting August 20th

Some of you may have heard that HP is spinning off its consumer computers business and shutting down their phone/tablet department. This development has resulted in HP drastically slashing the price on their Touchpads. Starting August 20, 2011 (tomorrow) at 07:00 EST, HP Touchpad 16 GB will be on sale for $99 (USD) and HP Touchpad 32 GB will be on sale for $149 (USD). Regularly these sell for $399/$499.

This sale is apparently across all vendors so you should be able to pick one up for the sale price from Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon, etc.; and directly from HP. However, since the sale is not live yet, it is hard to know exactly where you can pick up a Touchpad for this reduced price. If you are antsy, there are reports that people have been able to buy Touchpads directly from HP today at full price and then get credited back the amount of the sale. Call customer sales for more information.

Update: There are reports that if you buy directly from HP.com, you can use coupon codes to save a little money: SAVE15HP on the 16 GB Touchpad and SAVE30HP on the 32 GB Touchpad.

Before you go and jump on a Touchpad, keep in mind the state of webOS (the operating system powering Touchpad) is unknown. HP may or may not continue to support webOS and Touchpads may or may not receive updates. If you buy a Touchpad, plan to buy it as-is; don’t buy it for future updates because you may not get any.


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  • Emrys

    Forget it. The whole world is out of stock. Even Radio Snack.

  • Ashraf

    @PCbasics: Ya. Lol. I wish I picked one up.

  • John


    Excellent Locutus! I was finally able to order one from HP Small Business, the 32GB one. Never got a confirmation email though, and there are rumors of mass cancellations of orders at the HP sites, but what the heck, if I get it great, but no big deal if not.

  • Jyo

    @Locutus: Dang!! Do tell if it was worth the wait. I have never had any experience with tablets before.

  • Locutus

    @John: I got in line at Best Buy today at 8:20… It opens at 10. But I got one!

  • John

    There is a giant thread about this sale over at slickdeals.net. It’s insane what people are going through to get this deal. I am glad that I tried the HP site just the once, found it out of stock, and let it go. I never really wanted an HP tablet, but at that price, well. I Want a Samsung Galaxy but too much $$$. It sure makes me wonder about what these cost to make, HP is probably selling at or close to their cost on the closeout so there may be a $300 markup on these devices.

  • MG

    Mike, I have to agree with you, this feels like when it’s the holidays and everyone wants exactly the same thing. There are NO stores in the Metro Detroit/Flint area that has any in stock any longer. It’s insane. The HP phone system is down and the internet ordering is unreliable, it’s been processing my order now for ages. I’m really wondering if this is worth the hassle. I’m in the Flint, MI area so if anyone knows of any, please let me know, I’m hitting my frustration limit for sure!!

  • Mike

    The price is great. But I fear that the frustration level will be great as well, ruining the experience.

  • bill

    Thanks for the heads up. I was able to get 4 at Sam’s club. Had to drive to the next county though as the first one was already out. If I don’t like mine I plan to sell them on ebay. If anyone is interested Sam’s Club and Costco are selling a nice 8″ Vizio tablet for about $275.00 USD. Their’s uses the Android OS.

  • John


    There was some funny business with this on the HP web site for this deal, I was there right on the dot at 7 and they were out of stock. 10 minutes before they were in stock, at the higher prices. Maybe if I would have out one in my cart and waited, but I’ll never know now.

  • chuck (detailer)

    07:05 EST and no price drop at Tiger or NewEgg-left one in each shopping cart last night just in case

  • MG

    After waiting for over two and a half hours HP is totally sold out of both units and says they will be the only ones offering these prices. That the other retailers will be still selling the units at their regular prices. And that HP will be coming out with another tablet just watch their website, however, this one is GONE for good and sold out perm. Not a fun experience. It’s crazy how we (I) get caught up in this kind of thing, argggg, like I truly need one. It’s just a great deal for someone going to school. Sigh. Hopefully they are wrong and it’ll be on sale elsewhere or they’ll find a secret stash,LOL.

  • Ashraf

    @hux: Most reviews on the Touchpad have had a negative response to it. However, that was when the Touchpad was $399/$499. I don’t know what those same reviewers would say now that this is available for a lot cheaper.

  • hux

    I’m wondering how good that unit is as it stands.
    If it does the job, do you need to worry about updates to it?
    Nobody even knows how many people out there still use XP

  • prema

    oh no! now i want one. lolz for that price it’s quite amazing.
    here is a review from engadget, it covers literally everything:

    after reading their review, i personally am starting to doubt whether even 100 bucks is worthwhile for this tablet. I mean it is rather slow, etc. like ashraf mentioned, n one knows the future of WebOS. hmm ill actually save up for an iPad?

    Nonetheless, thank you to the great Ashraf for finding this out. I swear i probably wouldn’t have found it on my own until everything was out of stock :D

    If people read this now, i think this is a way to get the deal earlier:

    but it’s all outta stock as of now.. best of luck to potential HP TouchPad hunters :)

  • What do you think Ashraf? Is it a good deal?