[CC] Free Ashampoo Snap 4!

Software Description

Ashampoo Snap is a program to take a “snapshot” of what you see on your computer screen. This program is an alternative to the default windows “Print Screen” function. Ashampoo Snap 4 has more features than the default screen capture function. With Ashampoo Snap 4, you will be able to edit your captures with the built in editor. Here are a few new features that have been improved since the previous versions:

New Features of Ashampoo Snap 4

Freebie Details

To get Ashampoo Snap (v4.3.0 – the latest version) for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v4.3.0

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: 26 MB

(Wait for download to start.)

  • After the download has finished, run the installer. Don’t forget to opt-out of the toolbar if you do not want it (you probably don’t want it):

  • When the installation finishes, run Ashampoo Snap 4. When it starts up, you will see a blue button “Request FREE full version key”. Once you click the button you will be prompted to enter your e-mail:

Remember that when you sign up for the license, you will be automatically opted-in for Ashampoo newsletters. (You can opt-out later through your MyAshampoo account on Ashampoo’s website.)

  • If you have an Ashampoo account already you will be prompted to sign in. Once you sign in, the license key will be displayed. If you are a new and don’t have an account yet, you will need to check your e-mail you entered for a confirmation e-mail from Ashampoo. You will need to fill out a short form and after the form has been completed you will be shown the license key.
  • When the license key is displayed, copy the license (Ctrl+c), and then go back to the window you were at previously (with the blue button). Click “Paste from Clipboard” and activate the full version:

  • Enjoy!

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  • Giovanni

    This tool (see link below) is always FREE and better than ASHAMPOO SNAP 4.0 because it can even capture ENTIRE WEBSITES or documents that scroll beyond the visible section of the screen, thanks to its unique AUTOSCROLL CAPTURE feature:



    And if you are looking for a great FREE SOFTWARE capable of capturing and even recording & sharing your VIDEO CASTS with a single click, among your friends, then GRABILLA and/or CAMSTUDIO and/or SUPERPICK 4.0 are the right tools for you:



  • @Frank Carreira:
    Hmm, try this link. Maybe it’ll work:

    BTW I use Google Chrome to make the screenshots so thats why the language is all English. Other how, you could also use Google Translator.

  • J-M

    Ashraf, thank you! I’ve had Version 3.5. Excellent program.

  • Dru

    Like the others I appreciate this find and agree, this is a wonderfully well done article. Thank you. Instructions were perfectly clear and I have a licensed copy as a result. Initially the german text threw me but I followed your instructions, screen shots were very helpful, and now I’m up and running. I have had my eye on Snap for a bit and I can’t wait to get started with it. Thanks again!

  • Frank Carreira


    Tried again, still no joy. The link provided is in some foreign language which I do not understand.
    Thanks for the response, though.

  • Donna Rae

    A+, Installed and works Great. Thanks Lots!

  • @Frank Carreira:
    When you click the blue button it should open up your default browser to a page where you enter your e-mail. If not, then try going to this link:

  • Frank Carreira

    Nothing happens when I try to get the free registration Key.

  • Merlin

    How does it compare with FastStone Capture ?

  • annie

    Thanks! I’ll upgrade from Snap 3.
    And yes, the site might be in German, but the software and all subsequent dealings with Ashampoo are in (perfect) English.

  • polycue

    English is offered by the setup.

  • Ashraf

    @Jack: Ashampoo has an English website so there is support in English, too. Not 100% sure about this specific freebie, though.

  • Jack

    Maybe I am missing something, but the site… and I assume all support… is in German?

  • I have been using snap 4 for quite some time now – yes I was so impressed with it tht I actually paid for it.
    It works well, has a nice interface, and has not yet failed to have any feature that I go looking for

  • @Ashraf: Hahaha, Thanks. Spent about an hour writing it! XD

  • RDC

    Very nice giveaway! been waiting to get snap 4 for a while now. thanks

  • Nc

    i like Ashampoo software , but i already have Cam Studio , it`s not so good like this but i still wathing for Camtasia Studio

  • Mick

    Outstanding!! Thank you!!

  • Ashraf

    Good find PCB, and very nicely written article!