VTzilla, VirusTotal’s Firefox addon, comes to Internet Explorer and Chrome

Last year I wrote about VTzilla, the official VirusTotal addon for Firefox that allows users to easily scan files with VirusTotal without having to download them. If you are not a Firefox user and you cried when you learned VTzilla was for Firefox only, cry no longer: VirusTotal now offers similar addons for Internet Explorer and Chrome. (Okay, admittedly this news may not be “new” but I just learned about it while doing research for a new in-the-works article so I thought I should share with my fellow dotTechies.)

VTchrominizer and VTExplorer are VirusTotal’s official addons for Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively. They are similar to VTzilla in the sense that they allow users to easily scan files with VirusTotal without having to download them. They are different, however, because they don’t embed themselves Chrome’s/IE’s download dialog box. Rather, VTchrominizer and VTExplorer add entries into the right-click context menu of Chrome and Internet Explorer:

As you can see in the above two screenshots, once you have installed VTchrominizer/VTExplorer, right-clicking on any link – whether that be a link to a webpage or a link to a download – allows you to send that link to VirusTotal. VirusTotal then runs the link through its link analyzer (which provides you with the reputation of that domain) and through its file scanner (which scans the file with over 40+ scanners). VTchrominizer opens VirusTotal in a new tab while VTExplorer opens VirusTotal in a new window. Both send links to the link analyzer first from where users can select to view the file scanner results, if they wish.

Not exactly like VTzilla but nonetheless useful for VirusTotal lovers. You can grab both VTchrominizer and VTExplorer from the following links:

Version reviewed: VTchrominizer v1.0 and unknown for VTExplorer

Download size: Less than one MB

VTchrominizer | VTExplorer [direct download]

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  • Thrawn

    Just came across this addon recently, and it makes an excellent complement to my existing array of (Firefox) security addons. I’m confident that my existing addons close 99% of the backdoors (ie software bugs exploited by websites), and VTZilla will help to guard the front door (files that I choose to download).

    And VTZilla is now in the official Firefox addon repository, though currently (2012-04-30) in ‘experimental’ status. Seems to work fine, and VirusTotal has a good reputation, so I doubt that they’re hiding malware in their addon.

    @Sue Ellen: There’s a good chance that Avast and Malwarebytes will protect you. However, they’ll impose a significant performance overhead on your machine, especially with both of them running, and no one anti-virus solution catches everything. With VirusTotal, things get scanned by 44 different solutions, including most of the big names – McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Avira, Sophos, BitDefender, Trend Micro, etc – on VirusTotal’s servers, not using up your computer’s processing power.

  • Ashraf

    @john r barrentine: You are using IE9, correct? It is just a built-in security feature to help prevent malware download. It doesn’t mean the file you are downloading is infected; it just means it may be. AFAIK, VTExplorer is 100% clean. You can bypass IE9’s warnings.

    No this won’t conflict with any other antivirus because this isn’t an antivirus. It is a plugin to make it easier to use an online on-demand antivirus scanner.

    @Sue Ellen: You don’t really “need” it, per se. The protection you have should be plenty to keep your malware free. VirusTotal is more for those times when you feel the file you downloaded is suspicious and you want to scan it with more than just what you have.

    If you are only a in-the-blue-moon user of VirusTotal, you really don’t need an addon. Just load up the website and use it when you want. These addons are more for the frequent VirusTotal users.

    @Col. Panek: Don’t worry — I have an article coming up that lists more VirusTotal-like services. So be on the look out for that.

    Yea, true VTzilla isn’t in the Firefox addon repository. I am not sure why that is. There is an inherent element of trust that VirusTotal – a scanner to detect malware files – won’t have an infected addon.

  • Col. Panek

    I’ve been hiding under a rock, and haven’t seen VirusTotal until now! I needed a browser-supported virus check because I share files with Windows computers and don’t want to pass along viruses, but the only virus checker for ubuntu is pretty lame.

    The scary thing, though, is that VTzilla is not in the Firefox addon repository, but has to be downloaded directly from the Virus Total site. Makes you wonder if it has been tested by Mozilla…

  • Sue Ellen

    With me running Avast!, Comodo firewall, and Malwarebytes, why would I need this? Not trying to be sarcastic, just curious. I’ll use it too if you suggest it.
    Thanks Ashraf

  • john r barrentine

    I tried to download the vtelplorer to my computer, and got a warning ” vtexplorer.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer”. What is the reason for that. also I have malwarebytes on my computer, would there be a conflict? I also have avg. any trouble with it? I enjoy your reviews

  • Ashraf

    @StanFi: You are very welcome.

  • StanFi

    Thank you Ashraf for posting this information it could come in handy.