VH Screen Capture Driver: Stream your desktop via webcam (even if you don’t have an actual webcam)

Lets pretend you are chatting away with a friend on Windows Live Messenger (or Skype, or Yahoo Messenger, or [insert messenger here]) and he or she asks you for assistance in installing Firefox. Yes, I know even a baby can install Firefox but your friend is very computer-illiterate. Because you want to be a good friend and you know your friend is a good visual learner, you offer to show instead of tell. So, at this point your options are:

  • Create a screencast using any of the five tools already mentioned on dotTech or use BB FlashBack Express and show it to your friend.
  • Use a VPN like Logmein and virtually take control of your friends to do the actual installation yourself.
  • Stream your desktop live via the webcam feature of Windows Live Messenger (or whatever messenger you are using) and demonstrate to your friend how to install Firefox so he/she can install it on his/her own computer.

Everyone pretty much knows how to do the first option; the second option, although not as well known, is also popular. However, not very many people know how to go the third path. That is where VH Screen Capture Driver comes in.

VH Screen Capture Driver is what you can call a “virtual camera”. Once installed, it acts just like a normal webcam would on your computer. However, the difference is instead of showing you, it shows your desktop:


How to use VH Screen Capture Driver is simple. All you have to do is set VH Screen Capture Driver as the “webcam” to use whenever you use the webcam feature on whichever messenger or software you are working with. For example, for Windows Live Messenger I had to go to “Tools” -> “Audio and video setup…” -> “Next” and select “VHSrcCap” as the webcam:


Now whenever I use the webcam/video feature of Windows Live Messenger, VH Screen Capture Driver is used instead of my normal webcam and my desktop is streamed instead of me.

If you prefer to only stream only a specific window or a portion of your desktop instead of your whole desktop, VHScrCap allows for that also. You can do it in two ways:

  • After you start your streaming, run VHScrCapDlg.exe (will be located C:/Program Files/HmelyoffLabs/VHScrCap by default) and select the stream you have open:


After that, simply go to “Capture” and set the window or region you want to stream:


“Track window” allows you to specify a specific window to stream. “Track screen” allows you to specify a specific region or your whole screen to stream.

You may also edit any “Settings”:


When you are happy with what captured area and your settings, simply hit “X” and close out the window. Your desktop stream should be changed accordingly.

  • Before you start your stream run VHScrCapDlg.exe (will be located C:/Program Files/HmelyoffLabs/VHScrCap by default) and select “Create new one”:


After that, go to “Capture” and “Settings” and make the required changes just like I mentioned above:



When you are happy with what captured area and your settings, simply hit “X” and close out the window. Now go start your webcam streaming (i.e. if you are using Windows Live Messenger start the video chat). The settings that you changed will be reflected in the new stream that you create.

My recommendation would be to use the latter method (set it up before you start the stream) because I noticed if you change any capture area after you start your stream, your stream is liable to mess up or crash.

So, pretty cool, huh? What makes VH Screen Capture Driver even better is:

  • You don’t need an actual, real webcam to use it. Since VHScrCap is a “virtual camera”, as far as the computer knows you are installing and using a real webcam.
  • VHScrCap will work with any software/messenger/platform that allows you to select the source for your webcam stream, including but not limited to Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, and Yahoo Messenger. Just search around, go to options, settings, etc. and find out how to change the source for the webcam stream; once you find it change it to “VHScrCap”.

Additionally, VH Screen Capture Driver actually does not come as a “standalone” download. It comes with the (free) Hmelyoff general video tools package. This package includes other tools:

  • VHPlayer – VHPlayer is a video and audio player
  • VHCapture – VHCapture is a video recording/screen reordering tool.
  • VHMultiCam – VHMultiCam is a tool that allows users to “mix, synchronize, split, and share any media or screen content”. It also allows uses to set it so their webcam – including VHScrCap – can be used at the same time with multiple programs (usually by default you can only use your webcam with one program at a time).

The one thing to note about VHMultiCam is by default it is set so the VHMultiCam main program window open every time you run a program that supports webcams. This can get annoying really quickly, especially if you don’t want to use the multi cam feature. So to turn this off, simply go to “Tools” and check “Disable auto start (STOP OPEN annoying mixer)” from the VHMultiCam main program window.

You may download VH Screen Capture Driver, and all the other tools that come with it, from the following link:

Version reviewed: v2.2.6.3

Supported OS: Winodws 98 or later

VH Screen Capture Driver homepage [direct download]

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  • mostafa

    je vie voire

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    could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  • J. L.

    Tried it on ChatRoulette (lol).
    Too bad flash crashed (according to Chrome, Firefox crashed as well). Maybe I’ll try later it on IE (which I’ve long disabled along with Flash ActiveX).
    Otherwise, it’s a great program, works fine on my Windows 7 64-bit multi-monitor setup (not to mention the other monitor is a mimo one). BBFlashback FAILED miserably.

  • ikers

    Yay! Needed to stream some video and didn’t have snaggit or softcam or any other app I have used for screen capturing. This app does exactly what I needed and is FREE!!!! Free is good! Ty for the info and link – have installed it on 2 XP machines today without a hitch.

  • Pseudo

    It crashed my computer also, but I was able to Revo-uninstall it OK.

  • Carol Peyser

    Downloaded fine. When I tried to use it froze the computer and then it could not be uninstalled. This was a big problem requiring input of the IT person tomorrow (hopefully he can fix it).

  • Refpeuk

    which program is better; this one or today’s giveaway. You’ve said they do basically the same thing.

  • Skye-hook

    Thanks Ashraf, & thanks also to Patara for the Skype clue!I’ve never checked out Skype yet, as i don’t need it to make calls, but gee, if it does that.. maybe I can use it. Again, both of u, thanks! :)

  • patara

    Skype has a share screen setting. One can choose the whole screen or partial by dragging the outline to whatever size one wants. One click and it starts. Been using it a lot lately to help another person.

    Thanks Ashraf for all your great reviews. I appreciate the time and effort you put into them and your attention to the fine details.

  • Seems like a very useful tool :). I have a Cannon Digital Cam which is not a web cam. But I have its software and I can connect it to my pc and see on screen what camera can see, but can’t use it as a Web Cam
    So I used a similar tool a long time ago to Steam Out the Window in which my Camera steam was coming in and so I was able to use my Digital SLR type Camera as web cam.

    Thanks Ashraf for another useful Freebie tool.

  • chinaguy

    This should be really helpful for when my uncle needs me to help with something. I live in China and he lives in the states so not practical to do it for him. But this way I can show him in real time rather than having to give him instructions which he may or may not understand. Thanks.