Get a taste of Windows 8 by downloading Windows 8 Developer Preview

Eager to get your hands on Windows 8? Starting later today (8 PM PST Tuesday September 13, 2011  or 3 AM GMT Wednesday September 14, 2011) you can download – and install – Windows 8 Developer Preview on your x86 (32-bit) and/or x64 (64-bit) machine. (No ARM support, yet.) In addition to the actual Developer Preview, you will get “developer tools, Windows Developer Preview guide, samples, forums, docs and other resources to build on Windows 8.”

Interested? Drop by developer preview homepage in a few hours.

If you do jump on the bandwagon and take a peak at Windows 8, be sure to share your experiences with all of us in the comments below. Enjoy!

[via Engadget]

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  • hulkbuster

    I see your opinion Jon E: Win 7 is a major upgrade from Win xp and Vista: although major business PC still is XP which is good : with modern hardware, powerful Processor and high memory , we really can see xp performing to its full potential.
    The one really great thing about Win 7 is about how well it handles drivers, besides that i still feel its a thick moss covered with beauty making it kind of bloated. Just see the task manager i mean ” Show All Task Process” the numbers is dizzy, imho: Microsoft is stressing a lot on beauty and eye candies in their forth coming OS, forgot to mention the activation things.

    That is why it is a pain to keep downloading stuffs from Microsoft for me, which most of the time i don’t use: leave that to the third party software developer.

    Hey i dont need Aero theme, MediaCenter (Moviemaker and DVDCreaotr and Stickies are fine) nor the Win Key+the Spacebar key or the host of other not too useful things, just on the pretext of creating a hype for their new OS. Make it light like XP beautify it a little make more inbuilt Accesories that doesn’t consume memory on the background like Vista and Win7. That would be winner OS.

    I downloaded WAIK or WinPE for Vista/Win7 half of the time which sit dumb on my desktop , i spent month trying to make a WInpe of my choice and still it demands more and more of my time understanding the Registry, this that……i forgot all the things about it.
    A simple BartePE wins hands down….

    p.s: will continue later

  • @hulkbuster: I agree with you when you mention it being “Not even a RC copy”, but I must say that it is a step in the right direction. Windows 7 was, and is, revolutionary and Windows 8 is going to be just as good if not better. I especially like the UI changes, such as the new options in Explorer windows. I love how the filtering options are integrated into the ribbon, because users won’t have to wait for the filters to load, as they do now in Windows 7. Bottom Line: I think the Windows 8 OS will be ahead of everyone, including Google’s OS, and we will have to wait and see.

  • ok here is my quick mini review. im rather tired right now, but ill probably write up something later on.. we’ll see

    Well i used VMWare Fusion 4 to install Windows 8 as a virtual OS on my mac… first thoughts are: whaat? Microsoft seems to understand that technology is going to go towards tablets, but they are under exaggerating the data. Windows 8 should be released around early –> mid 2012 and by then, tablets will not be controlling the whole computer market. Creating an OS that suits a tablet which coincidentally is also for a desktop/laptop is not a very bright idea [IMO] from Microsoft.
    I sorta like the Metro look and the whole “slide to show the login page” but i also found it irritating. t
    to cut things to the chase, im actually interested in seeing how Microsoft will sell this. I have to agree with Jobs that having a touch screen on a computer is really not useful, but once again, it is going to be fun seeing various PC makers implement various technology into their computers to ease the use of Windows 8

    oh and i think that Windows 8 is a horrible name, windows 7 was nice because it was well 7 and a new thing . Windows 8 looks repetitive and maybe Windows **ehem** Prema **cough cough** would sound much cooler and appeal more :P jk at the last one.. or am i…..

  • hulkbuster

    I hate to bring up to you folks, why give so much hype about Win 8 its not even a RC copy, just imagine when was WIn7 launched, its not even a year old and people from Microsoft has already come up with Win 8 , i can already predict their another OS will be called Win 9 and serially…….

    Give some time to Win 7 and let it sink properly for a year or so and start the hype, i am still using Winxp which still covers 64% of marketshare in business PC and hardware manufacturers will not make drivers for Win8 not as quickly as this Win 8 has showed up.

    I am tired of downloading stuffs from MS.

  • You can install this in VMware, in VMware 8! that is though, in 7 it will NOT work, you’ll get an error.
    Virtualbox supports Windows 8 as well I think.

    My opinion about Windows 8:
    The start looks quite lame imo, it looks like it’s build too much for cloud/phone/tabs.

    Typed from inside Windows 8.

  • jayesstee

    @Jon E:
    First, I’m no expert, but I did play with VirtualBox a few months ago.
    If you created the VDI for this Win 8 trial, why not delete and start again?
    On the other hand, if you need yo keep the Win 7 (64) VDI, why not create a second VDI? You will only run one at a time, therefore it won’t be a drain on your system resources.
    Hopefully a real expert will give a definitive post!

  • @jayesstee: Is there a way to convert it to Windows 7 if I already created the VDI as Windows 7 x64?

  • @meanpt: I got the same thing. Does it work in VMWare Workstation 8?

  • jayesstee

    @prema: Addictive Tips have succeeded in mounting it on VirtualBox. See:
    Looks good to me!

  • meanpt

    Tried to install it on VirtualBox and “nada” – an error blah blah blha somehting …

  • prema

    i was on a macrumors site right now and well it looks like people have gotten Windows 8 to install on Parallels.. the thing is Parallels Tools wont install so after reboot they see a black screen :P
    ill be giving this a shot myself so stay tuned!

  • Chet Morton

    Not sure about liking the idea of turning the desktop interface into a iphone. The underlying changes sound great, but I think running a “metro style app” (Cool Iris menuing) will, at least, take some time to get use to.

  • Phil K

    This is Windows 8….I presume it’s a/ A working copy ? and B/ Has time limit ?

  • prema

    oh i was thinking about something like Parallels or VMWare .. but i forgot that they add support for the OS’

  • chuck

    Well,since the DL is an .ISO file,you should be able to mount it with Virtual Clone Drive or similar.I noted on the Dev.’s page(near the bottom) that you “can not uninstall it”.Now I have to assume that means if you burn the ISO to DVD and actually install it on your PC,you will need to re-install your previous OS to delete(overwrite) it.Note the reference to the DVD-9 disk to burn the image.No clue on that one…

  • Ashraf

    @prema: That is a very good question. I really don’t know. I want to say “yes” but I don’t know. The only way to find out is to try it and report back. :-)

  • prema

    might be a dumb question, but we could install this in a virtual machine right?