MailStore Home’s new v5 adds portability, other improvements

Over two years ago I wrote about MailStore Home, an excellent free program that allows users to easily backup e-mails from many different providers/sources (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, POP3/IMAP inboxes, etc.). Recently MailStore Home has been updated to v5, which brings a few handy changes.

The most important improvement in MailStore Home v5 is the fact that it is now portable; you can put MailStore Home on an external drive – e.g. USB/thumb drives, external hard drives, etc. – and take it with you wherever you go. That means not only will you have MailStore Home with you, in case you need to conduct a backup while on the go, but also the archive of e-mails you backed up, in case you ever need to access any archived e-mails on the go.

In addition to making the program portable, with v5 of MailStore Home comes (following two descriptions as per the developer):

  • Auto Configuration of Settings: Before the archiving process, MailStore Home 5 automatically recognizes email account settings based on each email address, ensuring a seamless archiving experience
  • New User Interface: MailStore Home 5 offers a re-designed, modern user interface that is highly intuitive and makes archiving easier than ever

Call me Mr. Obvious (or Mr. Boss, if you prefer) but a great program just got great-er.

One thing to note is that MailStore Home does not have separate downloads for portable and installer versions. There is only one download of MailStore Home and you decide during the instillation process which version you want to use:

You can grab MailStore Home from the following links:

Version reviewed: v5.0.0.6684

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, 2008

Download size: 5.9 MB

MailStore Home homepage [direct download]

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  • Giovanni
  • resolved the MailStore freezing problem with Outpost

    I initailly tried removing the mailstore exe from the outpost applications and then let it prompt for permissions again but this didn’t work.

    I then put Outpost in “auto-learn” mode and then ran MailStore again.

    Now MailStore is OK.

    I have not used Auto-learn on Oupost before but assume it is OK. I did remove the rule that allowed MailStore to send A DNS request to the manufacturer site, and all was still OK

  • jumbi

    great piece of software, I have used it for many years, both for Outlook and Thunderbird.


    i will test it on one machine and let you know :-)

  • Hi Ashraf

    Thanks heaps – this is a brilliant program. I didn’t know such a program existed

    I have installed and have archived my emails

    Note that you can install to both your PC and and a removable USB (Just run the installer again)

    After installing on the USB copy the archived data files from the PC (in your My Documents\MailStore Home folder) to a folder called “data” under the main install folder on the USB. (you have to create the “data” folder). You can then run Mailstore from the USB on any PC

    I have one problem which is that MailStore does not play well with Outpost.

    I have Outpost security suite Pro 7.5, and when it is running MailStore is very slow to open – freezing the computer and mouse for about 20secs. If I disable Outpost firewall then MailsStore opens quickly – no problems. I tried setting “allow all activity” for MailStore in Ourpost but it didn’t help.

    I use Windows XP. Would be interested to know if anyone else has the same problem.