Marxio Timer: powerful software that allows you to schedule tasks (shutdown computer, run a program, take a screenshot, and many more) to automatically execute

Earlier today I wrote about an excellent checksums utility by Marxio. Now I am going to tell you about another Marxio winner (this guy really knows how to code): Marxio Timer.

Marxio Timer is an extremely awesome program that allows you to set various different tasks…

…to automatically occur at user specified times:

Although you cannot set multiple actions to be executed together (i.e. you can only pick “Display text” and not “Display text” and “Play sound”) you can run multiple instances of Marxio Timer so effectively you can set “Display text” and “Play sound” to execute at the same time… you just need to set them up separately.

By default the times are in 24 hours mode (the developer is from Poland so that is not a surprise). However you can easily change them to 12 hours mode via “Global settings” under “Options”.

Additionally you can choose for the program to display a ticker which will countdown until your specified action is executed…


…or you can set Marxio Timer to minimize to taskbar, minimize to system try, or hide the program.

Lastly, you are allowed to save your settings so if you think you will want to set the same task to occur at the same time again, save the settings and load them easily next time you run Marxio Timer.

This is one awesome program. I bet you are dying to see a full screenshot of handy program now. I will do one better. Here is a video (by the developer) on Marxio Timer:


To view the video click on the above image. If you have JavaScript disabled you will not be able to view the video by clicking above so instead click here.

“Okay Ashraf – enough with the talking. Give these good people the download link to a beautiful combination of 1s and 0s before they beat you with a pitchfork.”

“Yes sir.”

You can download Marxio Timer from the following link:

Marxio Timer works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Click here to download Marxio Timer

Click here to download the portable version

Click here for a download mirror for the installer version (in case the developer’s website goes down again)

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    For anyone interested, v1.12.2 is available here:

  • Seamus McSeamus

    From the reaction of the developer, I’m guessing he is about 15 years old. Don’t get angry at people for not paying you for what is offered as freeware. If you want money for your apps, charge a small fee.

  • Sunny

    It’s now a special privilege to be allowed to download it. He’s clearly pretty angry with the lack of donations and interest.
    Join this project

    Project membership is possible only by recommendation by other users or by offering some support from Your side (see above). If you are just a new user looking for some free software then sorry, nothing interesting for you here and you can go back where you came from. This internal project needs no new users that do not bring anything new to this project but only saturate bandwidth. It might be true and popular behaviour, but this is not how this project works.

    You want something, then give something in advance so more people would benefit, even all project project tools, but traditional users, seeking just “free software I don’t have to pay for” are not good candidates for project development and improvement. Besides, upkeeping this project costs, time spend by us is worth thousands so before you say anything, try to understand our behaviour and then write your comments everywhere.

    If you really need some tool, then…
    – write your own
    – buy commercial
    – read this page again

  • Boy the author of Marxio must really be pissed.  I just tried to download the old version from the alternate mirror version at CNET.  After downloading and installing the old version all you get when you try to open the program is: Encode Date Error

  • @Michael Stapp: I just tried that website and all it does is redirects you to the Marxio download page where it states that installer version is no longer supported.

  • Ira

    It looks like Ashraf sent too many people for this download :). Look at the message I received (indicating the programmer’s dismay caused by lack of donations):

    Project marxio-tools suspended :(

    There comes a time when even good software eventually dies.

    After 8 months…
    Due to increased costs of upkeeping this project (domain, hosting etc), impossibility to create new (11) and improve current programs (free programming environment limitations, commercial environment and components needed) and due to lack of support to this project (no any donations so far), this project is suspended. Temporarily or for good. I am not going to finance it with my savings.

    Despite allowing you all to use it free of charges, but for optional donations, nobody of over 231000 users was willing to expressed his gratitude for using this software, so that I could buy myself just one beer to celebrate its success, not ot mention buying commercial programming software to publish more programs.

    If it’s not so good, then there are thousands of other beautiful things to do in life, instead of programming and only watching incresing download counters. Convince me if I’m wrong.

    Great thanks to all for using it, for suggestions that made those applications “masters in their’s software cathegories”, got the highest results in Google results, got tens of 5-stars-awards as of its quality, went multilanguage – Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) was also to be next.

    If you had any questions, go ahead and drop me a line. I’m still counting on your support as I’d be glad to resume this project. If anybody was interested in it…

  • Michael Stapp

    Great review. I did find Marxio Timer is still available for download at since referenced link is DOA.

  • gmon

    “beat you with a pitchfork” ?? Owww

  • Ashraf is on a roll!