Get eBook “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” from Auslogics for free

Here’s an interesting freebie to round off the weekend. Auslogics, the Australian software developer house famously known for their Auslogics Disk Defrag, has published an eBook aimed at helping users “speed up” their computers; and to get people to read it, and thank them for their support, Auslogics is giving out this eBook, called Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide, for free.

Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide is 174 pages long and I have not read it yet and may never will so I can’t really say how good (or bad) this guide is. However, based off Auslogic’s stellar reputation, I am sure there are at least some nifty tricks tucked away inside these 174 pages.

According to Auslogics, Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide is a “limited edition” and will only be available for a limited number of downloads. So grab this while you can. Oh and this eBook is available to everyone but Auslogics wants people to share information about the promotion on Facebook or Twitter. Seeing as not everyone owns a Facebook or Twitter account, that simply isn’t possible; so I will provide directions for Facebook/Twitter users and non-Facebook/Twitter users.

Facebook/Twitter Users

Visit the giveaway page and click on the Share It button for Facebook or Twitter:

Once you click on a Share It button a window will popup for Facebook or Twitter (depending on which one you picked). You will have to login then follow on-screen instructions to share information about this eBook. After you are done simply close the popup window and the Download eBook button will now be unlocked:

Close on the Download eBook button and Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide will being to download onto your computer. The eBook is in PDF format so if you have a PDF reader plugin installed in your browser the eBook will open directly inside your browser. If this is the case for you and you would rather save the eBook directly onto your hard drive all you have to do is right-click the Download eBook button and click on Save Link As… (or the Save Link As… equivalent for your browser). This will download the eBook directly onto your computer.

Non-Facebook/Twitter Users

You can access the eBook directly at without having to go through any hoops. The eBook is in PDF format so if you have a PDF reader plugin installed in your browser the eBook will open directly inside your browser. Most PDF plugins allow users to download eBooks directly onto your computer, so you will be able to save it for reading at a later date.


Thanks Jeanjean!

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  • It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


  • jayesstee

    @RobCr: Re your comment #19 above:
    1. Totally agree with first paragraph – thought I was the only one!
    2. Second paragraph – strike “Those that like heavy rock.” Otherwise, you got it about right. Oh no! Add: “Those that created, promoted or liked Windows Vista.”
    @Ashraf: It keeps popping out by itself, as the dirty old man told the Cop.
    Like the email and print format facility. Not keen on the twit-face functions.
    Nice to see the site is dynamic, not just the articles and posts.

  • RobCr

    If I could quote from another movie ‘Dirty Harry’ –
    Your unobtrusive aint making it

  • Ashraf

    @RobCr: It is something I added today. I am testing it out. I tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible, auto hiding it.

  • RobCr

    By the way, I am not religious, in case anyone thought I was spreading the word.

    There is a SHARE thing popping out from the left.
    Not sure if it was always there, or is just popping out in my face today as punishment from God ?

  • RobCr

    God allowed us free will, and hoped we would realize that the world’s greatest problem is over population.
    We haven’t realized, and instead are just trying to solve some of the symptoms, eg climate change.
    Even if we all went 100% on climate change, it still would not “amount to a hill of beans” (Casablanca), compared to the devastation that over population will cause.

    I believe that God has a fall back plan ready for the time when over population reaches his limit.
    His plan is to get rid of those that are not ‘earth worthy’ (aka ‘sponge worthy’ from Seinfeld).
    Those that are not ‘earth worthy’ will include –
    – Those that create, perform, or like rap.
    – Those that create, perform, or like heavy rock.
    – Those that have joined facebook, twitter, etc.

  • jayesstee

    @Doug: Thanks for the link, but I have already got it from Ashraf’s link.

  • I hate all this facebook stuff. I just hate facebook. The direct download link is disabled though. It will still not make me sign up with facebook.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I got the initial download from Brothersoft ok.
    It is a front end, that offers you Brothersoft’s search box/Toolbar/ whatever, and then proceeds to download the real download, and runs it for you.
    It all appeared to run ok (both times), but then nothing was installed.
    I suspect it was because I unticked the Brothersoft Toolbar offerings.
    With all the tricks on the Brothersoft web pages (about three other Download buttons for reg cleaners etc, which are pushed into our face, in the hope we click them by mistake), combined with their front end downloader, I will be avoiding Brothersoft whenever I can.

    I did not run Everything at the time (tch! tch! I should have), however the descriptions on the web mention that it creates a shortcut on the desktop, which we then drag any PDF file into.
    That shortcut was definitely not there.

    I found another link for that program from Softonic, and that created the shortcut.
    I dragged the PDF into it, and it hogged my PC for over 30 minutes.
    It did create a very large file, which was a png.
    So I am not recommending that program anymore.
    If you had an image of the file, I suppose that you could use a ‘paint’ program to highlight areas ?
    If that would be an acceptable compromise for you, you could do what I did INSTEAD (prior to attempting that unlocker program).
    I opened the original PDF in PDF Exchange viewer.
    I pressed the print button (Menu command).
    I have doPDF installed, so it created a PDF file.
    That PDF file looked identical to the original PDF file, however it actually is an image.
    If you opened that file in PDF Exchange viewer, one could then use the Sticky Note or Typewriter/Textbox tools to ‘highlight’ areas

  • Doug
  • Ashraf

    @jumbi: I have to agree with you on the Facebook/Twitter comment. Still, though, some people are just unwilling to do that and we can’t just throw them to the wolves for that.

  • jumbi

    great ebook!
    should be promoted to all, it deserves it. For those who dont have facebook/twitter account just create a fake one, it’s not a problem, sounds quite silly to say I dont want a facebook account, nobody forces you to enter real data…

  • Ashraf

    @Juanita: No problem. I don’t find it surprising that Auslogics is using this as a marketing tool. However, I am sure there are tips in there that don’t involve their products because I saw some tips like that myself while I was quickly looking through it.

    @hatman: You are welcome!

    @Aris: You are welcome! And very ethical of you to not want to crack the PDF pass. Kudos.

    @Rita: You are welcome!

    @Rob (Down Under): Hmmm? Are you downloading directly from Brothersoft’s website? I don’t think the download location differs based on which website you download from. Not by default anyway — do you have any sort of addon installed?

    @Mike: You are welcome! The Non-Facebook/Twitter method is actually “unofficial” because Auslogics wants everyone to share the giveaway on Facebook/Twitter to get the eBook; you could sort of say I am being unethical providing it. The people who can, should share the promotion details so as to abide by the promoter’s wishes. However I figured why cut out the people who don’t have Facebook and Twitter?

    @jayesstee: You are welcome!

    @jayesstee: That soft is one of the best.

    @jayesstee: Length of post is a factor, yes, but it isn’t a very weighted factor. Comments with lots of formatting and links are the ones that are likely to be moderated. Sorry I try to clear comments as fast as I can but sometimes it takes a while to get to them.

  • jayesstee

    @ Ashraf: Sorry about the multiple posts, but when I submitted all three as one post, it was listed as “awaiting moderation”. Last time I did that, (, it took 36 hours or so to clear! Doesn’t it like long posts?
    I’ve just noticed that one of my shorter posts is “awaiting moderation”. ???

  • jayesstee

    @Rob (Down Under): I have had the same problem with apps that hide theselves – I commend the excellent “Everything” see:

  • jayesstee

    @hatman: Better still, have a recent OS disk/partition image available – I have found Windows 7 (64) restore not removing all registry entries.

  • jayesstee

    Thanks Ashraf.
    I followed the link in JeanJean’s original post and came up against the “Facebook/Twitter Padlock”. I couldn’t find anyway to go direct. Well done! (Again).

  • Mike

    Thanks, Ashraf–and humorous how the nonFacebook/Twitter link is so much easier!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Anyone downloading –
    Free PDF Unlocker 1.0.4
    If you use Brothersoft’s download, could you tell me where it placed the darn thing ?
    I have run it twice, and still cannot find it.
    Without ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’, there should be a law against all the complexity and confusion that some sites burden us with.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    If you Google for –
    Free PDF Unlocker 1.0.4
    That may help.

  • Rita

    Thanks, Ashraf.

  • Aris

    Thanks for the e-book.
    For whatever reason it is, as the publisher I am sure they will recommend their product first then others.
    I just downloaded it and still going thru it.Only one thing that I would like to request here is for the author/publisher to let me the password.This is because I am unable to highlight certain important points since it’s been password authenticated.
    Sincerely though I do not like to use the third party-password removal,I feel this is not fair.After all its no harm of asking for permission,I feel.After all its upto the author/publisher.
    I hope they can email me.

  • hatman

    Thanks. I will read this book and likely mess up my computer and need to reformat!

    I recommend people set a restore point before implementing any changes.

  • Juanita

    Thanks for making this book available. I’ve just started to look through it, and I was somewhat amused? dismayed? to see how many times the book recommended Auslogics products. I’m wondering whether this is primarily an infomercial.