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    Actually, PDFZilla does convert images when converting a document to HMTL(at least version 1.2 does). It puts the images in the same folder as the HTML files. The problem is with the links: instead just using the name of each image to link it (example: file.jpg), the program uses the whole file path of the image (example: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\folder name\file.jpg).

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    Hi ASHRAF!!

    Just for a change I utterly agree with your review…LOL!

    What can I say? PDFZilla is a great tool that does its job pretty well and very quickly indeed.

    The only problem is that with PDFZilla you can’t convert any PDF FILE to any other format if the PDF is encrypted or protected with a password unless you know the password to decrypt it.

    Now, since most of PDF files downloadable on the web are protected and encrypted with passwords this means that we won’t be able to convert any PDF file with this GAOTD unless we can somehow get the password from its owner or better still by using special COMMERCIAL PDF PASSWORD RECOVERY SOFTWARE, capable of unlocking the PDF ENCRYPTED FILE before converting it in other formats, which are quite expensive indeed except one I’m aware of…LOL!!

    Do you know what I refer to?

    If you know how to unlock PDF FILES for free pls just drop me a line…ok??


    Well since most of PC USERS are interested in converting PDF FILES into a DOC WORD FILE format only, another nice application is “FREE PDF TO WORD DOC CONVERTER VERSION 1.1? :


    To easily extract images from PDF FILES to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, PBM, PPM, PCX a program called “Some PDF Image Extract 1.5” is in my humble view definetely the best FREEWARE APPLICATION available on the web as it can not only make batch conversion with an user friendly drag and drop files feature but also support ENCRYPTED PDF FILES unlike PDFZilla.


    If you want to merge multiple PDF files together to create a single polished PDF file and then edit its content this FREE stunning TOOLS can do this job pretty well for FREE (yes, you got it right…LOL!!):




    But, if you wish, it’s also possible to perform more complex operations on our PDF FILES before converting them into different file formats using PDFZilla, such as:

    – extract, split, or reorder pages of them into a new PDF
    – encrypt or decrypt PDF documents
    – rotate pages by 90, 180, and 270 degree
    – crop pages to change the view or print area, reformat multiple pages into one page with added note lines or change the page position
    – add headers or footers in your international language
    – add stamp using image or a formatted text in a different language.


    With a cool FREE tool called “PDFill PDF Tools Free”:


    If you want to extract some text and not the whole content out of your PDF documents and then covert it into a DOC WORD FORMAT then I suggest you using this little GEM called “PDFTextOnline” which doesn’t require a software download on your PC as it works directy in your browser:


    Finally another great and easy way to convert any IMAGE, DOC, MUSIC and VIDEO FORMAT (so not just PDF FILES) into whatever else file format without installing any program on your PC is to use FREE ONLINE FILE COVERTER SERVICES such as ZAMZAR and MEDIA CONVERT:


    Maximum File Size: 100MB
    Download Converted Files link sent via email
    Output Format: 53


    Maximum File Size: 150MB
    Immediate Download Converted Files
    Output Format: 179

    Hope to read your answer tomorrow.

    Good night from Italy!!


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