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App Description

The following is a description of Wiki Encyclopedia Pro, as per the developer:

Wiki Encyclopedia Pro: fast access to Wikipedia for your Android phone, without the ads!

  • Wiki Encyclopedia Pro gives you access to Wikipedia, formatted for your Android mobile phone.
  • The application remembers your Wikipedia language and text size preference.
  • App can change between Wikipedia.org and Wikitravel sites!
  • Select & Copy text.
  • Move App to SD
  • View mobile or desktop version of wikipedia: desktop version is useful for contributing to wikipedia.

dotTech Advice

I’m not too sure what is the point of this app. When I first saw this app I became very excited. I mean how cool is it to have Wikipedia on your phone, right? Then I realized all this app does is allow users to view Wikipedia; the same thing you could do by visiting http://m.wikipedia.org/ in your device’s Internet browser. If this app allowed you to download Wikipedia on your Android device for offline reading, then that would make it worth getting. But in its current form? Why bother, just create a shortcut to http://m.wikipedia.org/ on your homescreen instead.

Get it if you want it but personally speaking I prefer not installing apps for something I can do through my browser.

Note: There is an always-free version of Wiki Encyclopedia on Android Market. It has the same features as Wiki Encyclopedia Pro but is ad-supported. The irony is Wiki Encyclopedia (the free version) shows you ads for something you can get ad-free if you visit Wikipedia’s website directly…

Freebie Details

Wiki Encyclopedia Pro is being offered via GetJar Gold. It is available for an indefinite amount of time but likely won’t get free updates.

You can grab Wiki Encyclopedia Pro from the GetJar Gold section of your GetJar app (if you have it installed already) or hit up the link below on your mobile phone to download the GetJar app and then download Wiki Encyclopedia Pro (you will be prompted to download the GetJar app when you try to download Wiki Encyclopedia Pro from the website):

Wiki Encyclopedia Pro [GetJar Gold]

Wiki Encyclopedia Pro [Android Market]

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  1. Bruce

    Info on the Google Play site says that this app does indeed download “the top 2 million english wikipedia articles (about half the total number)”. And that truly is how it works. I just verified it by putting my tablet into Airplane Mode and surfing Wikipedia. Honest.

    The download is about 3.6 gB, so it darn well had better contain data.

    However, all is not sweetness. My first attempt to download failed due to lack of space, storage became corrupted, and I had to do a total reboot. Fortunately I didn’t lose much as I was still in the process of configuring a new tablet. A second attempt to install it as the first app after the clean boot succeeded.

    However, the app does NOT put the data in the SD card as advertised. It’s still sitting in main storage, pretty much paralyzing me with respect to installing any major new apps. I can find no setting that allows me to move it. Developer hasn’t responded to my email, and his website is useless. Merely an ad.

    I doubt that I’ll keep it till I hear that it’s really been fixed.

  2. Chuck

    I was happy at first moment because I thought it was for offline reading. Thanks for the false alarm happiness, Ashraf.

    I enjoy your comments, it help me from finding out myself the hard way. Thanks.
    Happy New Year!

  3. muhammad

    looking forward for your article

    one question out of the topic and looks silly
    is there any negative side of having 32 GB card on Samsung Note GN7000
    i mean with negative is on heating the phone or eating the battery

  4. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Loculus: That one allows you to download articles for offline viewing right? Does it allow you to download the whole Wikipedia database? I haven’t used it myself which is why I’m asking. I plan on doing a best free wikipedia app article soon…