WARNING: BeeCloud going out of business, download your data now or lose it forever

A few months back BeeCloud gave away free 512 GB of cloud storage to all new users of its service. Being a LiveDrive reseller, at the time I stated:

[…]LiveDrive is a large and popular cloud storage service, so it probably won’t go out business out of the blue. Longevity? Check, assuming LiveDrive doesn’t discontinue BeeCloud’s reseller account.[…]

As it turns out, I might have jinxed it. BeeCloud recently announced they are no longer a LiveDrive seller and all BeeCloud users have until March 13, 2012 to download the data they stored on BeeCloud. After that time any and all data will be erased from all BeeCloud accounts. (Technically they aren’t “going out of business” — they are going out of the cloud storage business.) Hear it from the hive yourself:

Dear customer,

It is with regret that we need to inform you that we have ended our relationship with Livedrive. We are no longer a Livedrive reseller and cannot support you further with your backup account.

What does this mean for you?

Your account will continue to work until March 13th 2012, giving you the opportunity to restore files to your pc if needed. As of March 13th 2012 you will no longer be able to backup or restore data and all the files that are backed up will be removed online.

You are advised to search for another backup solution if you still need one.


Well then. So much for all that free GB. May I suggest Dropbox as your next choice of cloud storage? I use ’em and love ’em — just be sure to encrypt any sensitive data prior to uploading.

[Thanks Jon and Rachana!]

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