[Ask dotTechies] Best download website?

Yesterday I posted about a tip on how to avoid the crapware that comes with CNET Installer. In the past I’ve discussed other download websites such as Softpedia. Now – inspired by a brilliant request by a recently a regular dotTechie, David Roper – I’d like to know what dotTechies have to say on this topic.

So, without further ado, share in the comments below you the download website(s) you would recommend. This can be any website from which you download files from — it doesn’t have to necessarily be a website that hosts it own files. You can recommend one or more than one — it is up to you. Just be sure to give the name (or URL — but don’t spam) of the website(s) you are recommending and at least one reason per website on why you are recommending it.

If, by chance, you have a particular download website – or websites – you would like to tell people to stay away from then feel free to share that in the comments, too. If you are negatively recommending a website be sure to state clearly that you are *not* recommending the particular website(s) and include at least one reason why.

It will be interesting to see what websites dotTechies download from.

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