Instantly hide files and folders with WindMend Folder Hidden

A few posts ago, Ashraf thoroughly covered a couple of heavy duty serious encryptors called AxCrypt and TrueCrypt. If you’re looking for a way to hide your files/folders in a more simple, lightweight and less FBI/CIA style, then WindMend Folder Hidden might be just what you need.


In a nutshell, WindMend Folder Hidden (WMFH) is a simple password protected file/folder hiding tool that can do the deed either on a local drive or on removable devices; the files and folders remain hidden even if you switch computers (for removable drives). (Note: WindMend Folder Hidden does not encrypt files or folders; it hides files and folders with the added bonus of a password being required to unhide files/folder.)

The developer, WindMend, highlights the following features of WMFH on their website:

1. Safety First – The hiding technology will never damage any file data. It is safe and reliable.

2. High-Speed Hiding and Unhiding – Whether it’s a file of dozens of GB, or a folder containing a lot of files, the file or the folder can be hidden and unhidden instantly.

3. Removable Drives Are Supported – Files and folders on removable drives such as USB drives hidden by WinMend Folder Hidden are invisible not only in the computer where the hiding was completed, but in any computer.

Looks neat. Let’s give it a try, shall we?



When launched for the first time, WMFH asks you to choose and confirm a password  (mine is *********):

About the password, if by any chance, God forbid, you forget/loose the password in the future, WinMend offers a fee-based service in order to retrieve your password. You just need to purchase WinMend’s Folder Hidden Password Retrieve Service:

Once the password is chosen, the application starts and you can choose the color that best suits your mood:

This is Yellow? More like Orange, no?


Let’s start using WMFH by hiding a folder. To hide a folder click the Hide Folder button…

…and select the folder you want to hide:

I’ve created a folder called “testing WindMed” just to help teach you how to use this program. Aren’t I a nice guy?

Once you have done as described above, the folder is instantly hidden:

Before moving on, a couple of notes about hiding folders:

  1. Folders are instantly hidden no matter what size they are;
  2. System folders can’t be hidden.

Let’s try a file now, same drill, same result. No matter the size of the file, the process is instantaneous:


To unhide previously hidden files and folders just select them first and then click the Unhide Button:

If, by mysterious reasons, you fail to unhide files and/or folders, WindMend offers, free of charge, a data retrieving service:

Once a file or folder is unhidden, it is Visible. Visible items can be Set to hide or Remove[d]:


Finally, at the down right corner of the application, you can find the language button. 17 different languages are available but, surprisingly enough, Portuguese is not one of them (not even from Brazil). Shocking, I know.


Nope. That’s pretty much it. The other two tabs on the top of the program window, Our Products and About Us, have nothing to do with the actual application.


Putting aside the missing Portuguese issue, WindMend Folder Hidden is a light, uncomplicated, and practical application that will hide any sensitive data that you wish in split of a second. The password or data retrieving services are added bonuses and a nice way to support the developer since we’re talking about a freeware/donationware software.

Give WindMend Folder Hidden a try by downloading it from the links below:

Version reviewed: v1.4.5.4

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 2.2 MB

Malware status: VirusTotal scan results (0/42)

WinMend homepage [direct download]

 [Thanks Dan!]

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  • grujash

    hello don’t this software it is remove in hide list then not recover back after data

    and any one know for how to recover back then tell me please……
    i am already set path in software but not show my file and folder

    dont use this software

  • David

    Hi Ashraf, tried this a couple of days ago- noted that it created a hidden (in Windows’ terms) folder on EACH partition of my single drive, although I only asked it to hide one folder on one partition.

    The good part is that inspecting the hidden folder either from Windows or a CMD prompt from within Windows sees nothing useful- not even file names- in the folder Windmend creates. (I’ve not tried from a boot CD).

    So now for the weird case (‘cos only some idiot like me would try it..:) )
    Odd bug (?) when I tried deleting the hidden folder, I got a message relating to hundreds of files being deleted, and when I hit cancel, the diaologue box never closed.

    Like some above, I’d love a single utility that hid and encrypted – imagine truecrypt with a hide facility.. but the ‘hide’ should be good in Windows normal and safe modes, from a CMD prompt, and when the disk is viewed e.g. from a boot CD.

  • Giovanni

    Very nice tool I didn’t know about!!

    Well done, Leandro!!

    Other cool FREE and very easy to use APPS worth downloading, which protect your files and sensitive data by hiding them behind IMAGES, are also these ones:

    Yes it’s true: a simple PICTURE can sometimes tell a thousand words….LOL!!

    And to encrypt your HD with an USB Flash Drive, try a little and pretty unknown GEM called “FreeOTFE Explorer”.

    This is an awesome FREE & PORTABLE disk encryption OPEN SOURCE program for use with USB flash drives, enabling you to gain access on encrypted volumes of yours even on Windows PC where no administrator rights are available and where this tool hasn’t been installed (i.e. in Internet Café).

    So it’s a perfect app for those people like me who love carrying their sensitive data securely on a USB drive or other removable media without any hassle.

    Cyphers include AES (256 bit), Twofish (256 bit), Serpent (256 bit) and even Blowfish (448 bit), a feature missing even in many expensive paid encryption software out there: cool, isn’t it??


    Alternatively or why not in addition to it, give ” ComeiTool” a try: in short this excellent tool gives you the ability to lock and sync your folders or USB drives, but users can only unlock their folders on the same PC and in the same directory, meaning if a snooper has managed to copy your locked folder to another PC, that folder will never be unlocked even by using this software. No bad, is it??




  • Ashraf

    @Leandro: Thanks for showing me up Leandro. /pout

    @Leandro: …No… haha

  • Leandro


    Does your gut usually work?

  • Leandro


    Yes it will Bob, at least with Dropbox id does. It´s like having David Copperfield inside your computer…

  • Ashraf

    @Bob: Interesting question. I have no idea. My gut feeling is to say “no” but we will only find out if someone tries it.

  • Bob

    Will it hide files or folders copied to a cloud storage site, such as Box or Dropbox?

  • Ashraf

    @deyanick: Haha…

    @tony77: Do you mean trying to hide a Truecrypt container or Axcrypt file? I don’t see why not. This is able to hide all files/folders, aside from the system files as mentioned by Leandro.

    @Leandro: Well done, very nice tip and article!

  • tony77

    will it plays nice with Truecrypt file container or Axcrypted file ?

  • deyanick

    Well, maybe there isn’t Portuguese translation Leandro, but in WMFH description (on official site) they have an “Itanlian” language support :o)