[Ask dotTechies] Do you plan on upgrading to Windows 8? Do you like the new Metro UI?

Windows 8 is around the corner, with Windows 8 Consumer Preview already hitting the streets. Windows 8 isn’t just a new Windows. It is a radically different Windows which attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and mobile computer; a “post PC” world, if you will. As such, Windows 8 has polarizing features such as a new Metro UI and lack of the Start Menu.

Personally speaking, I’m excited for Windows 8 on tablets (in my opinion Windows 8 tablets will be king) but I’d very much prefer the traditional Windows UI, such as what is found in Windows 7, over Metro UI on my PC; and I’m going to terribly miss the search box in the Start Menu. What’s your take on the matter? Vote in the polls below and be sure to leave us some thoughts in the comments!

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  • kelltic

    I can understand using it for small devices. Myself, I only care about my desktop and laptop. None of my kajillion applications will run on Windows 8. I use dual-monitors and keep 10 or 12 applications running at once. They’re arranged where I can see most of them. Windows 8 doesn’t allow that. For me, and others like me, Windows 8 is useless.

    Ugly, too. Not customizable. Horrid! :)

  • Mike

    Win Metro seems like a nice tablet OS–but not a laptop/desktop system. It seems to just beg for direct, finger control.

  • Filtereyez

    I had to laugh at the question :P…… Dang I just upgraded from xp to Windows 7, Metro is the last thing on my mind. I will say one thing though…. I tried some “Metro” elements with the help of Rainmeter and I just could not get into it what so ever. But I did see a preview of metro on a tablet and I would have to admit, I would not mind having one.

    Anyway if the past is any indicator……….I will be stuck on Windows 7 until they quit providing updates for it hahahaha :)

  • jivadas

    @Bob Levy:

    I upgraded my Dell laptop from Vista to W7 by-way-of the Canadian MS store, and ran into (still unsolved) activation problems when I did a reinstall, so my laptop constantly prompts me that my system is illegal.
    XP’s only problem for me was download speed.


  • jivadas


    I was about to say, I would update to XP, but you stole my thunder. I hate Windows from Visa to Windows-(x+1). But I’m afraid to switch to Mac, with decades of files to handle. I don’t think systems should be like cars, with new models coming so fast. A child I knew used to refer to some certain lollipopping people as ”greedy-guts”. Today I think ”greedy-Gates” would be more appropriate.


  • Col. Panek

    If I wanted a crummy desktop that looked like Windows 8 I’d just install Ubuntu Unity. The machine I’m using right now is ex-XP, now runs Bodhi. And it does everything I need it to do. So why get a new one and pay the Microsoft tax when I’m just going to put a better OS on it? (My favorite right now is Mint12 with Cinnamon).

  • Mags

    Never in a million yrs will I upgrade to Win 8 the way it is now!

    Not even if hell freezes over!

    I’ve used Win 3, Win 95, Win 98SE, (then refused to upgrade until XP.) I didn’t mind Vista once I had enough RAM to run it properly, but when Win 7 came out I upgraded to it an am very happy with it.

    I refuse to upgrade to Win 8 end of story.

    I’d rather go back to using Win 98 SE than upgrade.

  • Johann

    @ jayesstee

    Good on ya mate!!

  • Johann

    I personally think it is shite and that the demise of new Windows desktop and laptops will follow. I will rather convert all my computers and computing needs to Ubuntu. It can work, but if Microsoft does not make a plan to make it more userfriendly for the real workaholics amongst us, they are going to lose out. My main criteria is always how well I can work with the machine OS combo, I don’t even have games or social networking addons. For fun I scour for new, workable tech. I might even break my “in principle” rule regarding Apples absurdly high prices. I have been a die hard fan of Win since 95 and still think that they should develop an XP SP4 and then SP5 and then SP6 . . . . .

  • Bob Levy

    In some respects, this is a question that makes sense to only some people.
    I have a Dell Laptop XP that I would LOVE to “upgrade” but according to Dell, I can not upgrade to Windows 7. to run 7 or 8 I need a new laptop. The current laptop works great so why would I but a new computer just to run W8?

    I also have 1 XP desktop that works, a Vista desktop that works and a W7 desktop that all work (except for sharing issues).

    The next machine I buy will probably come with W8 as has almost always been my history.
    The newest OS comes with my newest machine. The thought of an OS software upgrade is not a task to be taken lightly. It is ALWAYS expensive and since machines work, why upgrade. I was forced to buy a new machine recently and it had W7 and I do admit that I wish I had W7 on all my machines but that is not a feasible activity.

    Back to the original “question”, Do you plan to UPGRADE to Windows 8 should be reworded.
    Would you LIKE to upgrade all your machines to W8?
    Bet you would get a totally different response.

  • jayesstee

    I predict that Win 7 will be the next XP and Win 8 will be the next Vista!
    It seems to me that Microsoft only get anywhere near to an acceptable OS, is after having produced a dog of one. Remember ME before XP?

    Will somebody please explain to Microsoft that what real users want is a lightweight, fully controllable OS that only acts as interface between the hardware (which shouldn’t have to get bigger and more powerful), the application and the user.

    Why don’t they have two OSs, one for real users and one (like WIN 8 appears to be) for uninterested, un-knowledgeable, incapable tablet and similar users. Haven’t they realized that most major organizations (like auto manufacturers) have a range of products to meet the needs of their Customers? And I don’t mean “Home Premium”, “Professional” or “Ultimate”. In auto terms, they are just levels of trim.

    Now how do we get Microsoft to listen? Not taking up Win 8 won’t achieve anything. Our (enthusiasts) sort of buying power is swamped by the commercial, educational, industrial and the government purchasing numbers.
    Twenty years ago, there was an IT axiom that said: “Nobody ever got sacked for specifying IBM”. Today it’s Microsoft.
    For the oldies out there: bring back Digital Research, they tried (and failed) to keep Microsoft honest?

  • Bull

    I just go Windows 7 late 2010, and I am not going to dish out another 100+ dollars for another Professional OS. I figure I’ll wait to upgrade into another OS every 3-4 OS’s.

  • Prema

    the consumer preview isn’t the final version, maybe Microsoft will implement some changes to make it more User Friendly for PC users.
    Windows 7 is amazing from a PC standpoint, but decent-okay from a tablet standpoint.

    If Microsoft changes Windows 8 for PC’s then I may consider it, but at this point it’s a no. I had installed the Metro on my mac to test it out, and it was awful. Unless manufacturers like HP and Dell, etc. can produce a computer suitable for the metro UI (a touch screen PC with power as well as an ability to not make my hand hurt from lifting and touching the screen, then I might settle for something like that, but I am happy with what i have right now :)

  • Jeffinprov

    I have yet to fully forgive Them (and They know who They are) for the misery of Vista. Windows 7, which always makes me think happily of the movie “Seven,” has been a general pleasure to deal with. I cannot seem to work up any level of enthusiasm for tabletry, I do not not not want to be poking at my monitor like a waitron at a chain restaurant, and I wish that They would put their energies into improving the experience of Their traditional customer base, rather than forced unwanted hardware and unwelcome features. And get those rotten kids of yours off my lawn, dammit!

  • Philippe

    No, I just bough a new PC with W7, it works so why should I give money out to Billy the Kid. For business uses, I’ll try to put every one on Linux, less virus and cheaper apps etc…

    On other subject

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  • Tim

    You forgot to have “HELL NO” as a choice. From the looks of the results, that choice may have been at the top.
    I am an IT manager at a small company of about 20 employees and we are still happily running windows XP. We will probably not leave it for many years. Yes even after microsoft drops support. We MAY go with windows 7 when we leave XP. I really wish they would stop dumbing down the OS though.

  • Mario

    for me the problem with metro ui is that it is absurdly ugly! those colored blocks are not appealing. looks like we returned to DOS times! But I guess that their functionality is OK. They are just ugly.

  • budgall

    Can’t decide which was better. Microsoft Bob or Windows Me, maybe both are