[Ask dotTechies] Do you plan on upgrading to Windows 8? Do you like the new Metro UI?

Windows 8 is around the corner, with Windows 8 Consumer Preview already hitting the streets. Windows 8 isn’t just a new Windows. It is a radically different Windows which attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and mobile computer; a “post PC” world, if you will. As such, Windows 8 has polarizing features such as a new Metro UI and lack of the Start Menu.

Personally speaking, I’m excited for Windows 8 on tablets (in my opinion Windows 8 tablets will be king) but I’d very much prefer the traditional Windows UI, such as what is found in Windows 7, over Metro UI on my PC; and I’m going to terribly miss the search box in the Start Menu. What’s your take on the matter? Vote in the polls below and be sure to leave us some thoughts in the comments!

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