Free Zemana AntiLogger for Windows! [24-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of Zemana AntiLogger, as per the developer:

Zemana AntiLogger lets you:

  • Do your online banking with peace of mind
  • Increase your PC protection
  • Defend against hackers
  • Protect against keyloggers
  • Guard against screen grabbers
  • Surf anywhere and download anything—worry free

Security Features

  • SSL Logger protection: (WORLD FIRST!) 128-bit encryption reliably secures data during online shopping and high-value financial transactions. Unfortunately, a new generation of spyware grabs your data just before it becomes safely encrypted! Zemana AntiLogger’s unique proactive protection prevents your personal information from being stolen while you are conducting online banking transactions or e-commerce using an encrypted 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Webcam Logger protection: (WORLD FIRST!) Is Big Brother watching you? Hackers and spyware can seize control of your webcam, even when it’s switched off! Needless to say, Zemana AntiLogger prevents this.
  • Key Logger protection: Keyloggers record whatever you type by monitoring the keyboard. This renders most security useless, but not Zemana AntiLogger!
  • Clipboard Logger protection: Copying, cutting and pasting sends potentially sensitive data to your Windows clipboard where malware can get at it. Fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger deals with all attempts at malicious monitoring, including memory capture.
  • Screen Logger protection: Just as you can take a screen capture, screenlogger malware snaps the screen at your most vulnerable moments, e.g., when you are plugging in sensitive data such as bank account information with VirtualKeyboard. Zemana Anti-Screen Logger spots this suspicious activity in ways that go beyond the standard, signature-based anti-keylogging algorithms.
  • System Defense: Malware likes to invade your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive areas so it can inject malicious code and seize control of your PC. Zemana AntiLogger guards against all this, securing the very heart of your machine.

Freebie Details

Zemana AntiLogger is being offered for a limited time from BitsDuJour. This is is a 1 year license of Zemana AntiLogger. This giveaway ends at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time Tuesday August 6, 2013.  BitsDuJour states you must install and register within a month.

To get Zemana AntiLogger for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v1.9.3.500

Free update: Yes, for 12 months

Free technical support: Yes, for 12 months

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Download size: 19.3 MB


  • Fill out the form on the next page and click Complete Checkout:


  • Now check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from BitsDuJour Software Receipt – Zemana AntiLogger – 12 months license. In this e-mail you will find your registration code — copy it:


  • Download and install Zemana AntiLogger.
  • After installation, run Zemana AntiLogger and register it using the code you received earlier:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Zemana AntiLogger for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

NOTE: This freebie was originally posted about in March 2012. That particular promotion has now expired but a new promo is now live.

[Thanks Godel and Goodwisher]

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  • Godel


    Replying to self re: Panopticlick. I think Zemana makes some change to Firefox or adds something.

    Panopticlick still detects Zemana after I have exited the program and visit in Firefox 22, but it fails to see it when I access Panopticlick from Opera with Not Script installed. (no javascript in either case).

  • Godel

    Excellent program, but it beats me how they can make any money, seeing as it’s given away so often. I think I’ve gotten 4 or 5 years worth of Zemana subscriptions, including this one, and I’ve paid for about 1 to 1.5 years.

    One puzzling item; if you visit Panopticlick ( ) it detects that you’re using Zemana and adds it to your signature, even if Javascript is disabled.

  • [@just to be sure] Gaffers tape is better. It sticks just as well as Duct tape but removes cleanly if you ever want to remove it. No sticky residue ^_~

  • Frank

    [@Jeanjean] Glad you’re not from The Netherlands (remember the ‘Kiffer’ thing) ;)

  • Frank

    [@Krishan] It will have changed.
    Click on ‘Services’ | ‘License’ and enter your code.

    HTH, Frank

  • Jeanjean

    Thanks Frank !
    It’s really too hot here in Belgium!

  • Krishan

    I cannot register the software. Whenever i click on Register Now, it takes me to the order page with 25% discount. Please help

  • Frank

    [@Jeanjean] Have you tried to recognize the date ‘Kiffer’ posted? ;)
    You aren’t one yourself, are you? :D

  • Jeanjean

    @ Kiffer
    Have you tried to repair the program ?

  • Frank

    [@alhall] dunno if stupid* or trolling?!
    If /very/ unexperienced or newbie: Use two different email addresses. Open a 2nd at a freemail (or fakemail) provider if you have none.

  • alhall

    How do we get a copy for two computers?

  • oldtimer56

    Zemana support is the best, had it once before, lost my key due to a HD fail. They gave me another year based on a old email. Great program.

  • Ashraf

    New Zemana promo is now live!

  • William Neurauter

    Thanks Ashraf,
    One thing I hate are programs that insist in installing in the windows partition. I prefer not to install in the same partition since I use one or more partitions for programs, data, etc.

    I installed taxcut recently, & it insists on saving to My Documents. I do my sisters return as well & prefer to use my own folders. I can do that but it is a pain!!!!!!!

  • Kiffer


    The problem occurs after you enter the Keys. The program then requests a reboot of the computer. But nothing happens. The process is continuously repeated. I can work with the program, not even as an administrator.

  • Godel


    Your existing subscription gets upgraded to 365 days remaining.
    I’ve just done it.

  • leanne

    Thank you so much for the fine detailed pictures Ashraf. Installed without a hitch.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: Thanks Frank. I missed that. Post updated.

    @Doru: What error?

    @Safe and Sane: This. Don’t let Zemana AntiLogger rule your life.

    @oldtimer3: You are welcome!

    @Slayer: I believe it will replace your current subscription.

    @Giovanni: Thanks for the tips!

    @socal70xr7: Take over attempts by seemingly harmless programs? Either you download a lot of questionable software or AntiLogger is scaring the crap out of you.

    @mladen: You are welcome!

    @Jimmy: You are welcome!

    @dude: This seems to be an issue with InstallAware, the installer software Zemana AntiLogger uses. Check out — it may help (I’d provide better details but the website’s pages are not loading right now for me…).

    @Kiffer: Is that during installation or running? By quick Googling it seems the program shows that error to some people but the program still works properly. Have you tried running as administrator (although I don’t think that is the issue)?

    @jayesstee: You are welcome! Thanks for the tip on the registration process.

    @just to be sure: Haha @ duct tape.

  • just to be sure

    Hackers and spyware can seize control of your webcam, even when it’s switched off! Needless to say, Zemana AntiLogger prevents this.

    a piece of duct tape on the lens works even better.
    then you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

  • jayesstee


    I had Zemana Product vesion with just three months to run. I used the BitsDuJour license and it gave a full 365 days, IE to March 14, 2013. So it replaces, not adds to your existing unexpired period. From an experiment, carried out last year, I don’t believe that waiting until your exist one ends will give you an additional 365 days, it will still end on March 14, 2013.

    Thanks again Ashraf.

  • Kiffer

    I have this error message:

    Unhandled Exception:
    Zemana AntiLogger

    dwHddId == 0

  • dude

    Thanks a lot Ashraf, but I have a big problem:

    Several times during the installation process I always get the message
    “The parameter is incorrect. A installation support file could not be installed.”

    Is it because I try to install ist on my Virtual PC?

    Would be nice to get advice.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf, I just updated to the new serial.

  • mladen

    One of the best program what i used thanks for this giveaway

  • socal70xr7

    This program is awesome I have been using for a few years now. Protect your computer from prying eyes with it! You would be amazed at some of the takeover attempts from seemingly harmless programs.

  • Giovanni

    This is an excellent tool I’ve been using for a while.

    For those who’ll be missing this FREEBIE, I recommend the following great freeware alternatives:


    This is a pretty unknown but very effective HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), designed to protect your PC from several forms of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, etc).

    It’s excellent at detecting ROOTKITS and scored very well in the last MATOUSEC proactive security challenge, but it’s definitely not suitable for noobs.

    And YES…it’s FREE ==>Amazing, isn’t it??

  • Slayer

    I already have Zemana Anti-logger from GAOTD giveaway, it still has 133 days subscription remaining… I got the new key from BitsDuJour

    I want to know if I add the new registration key today will I loose that 133 days of my current subscription or one year will simply be added to it?

  • oldtimer3

    Thanks Ahraf>
    Safe&Sane: I was also that way at one time. Only time I plan on using this is right before I do online transactions.

  • Safe and Sane

    The problem with this is that a number of programs have perfectly legitimate uses for reading the screen and tracking the clipboard/keyboard and Zemana (of course) cannot distinguish which actually *are* legit. So it flags everything. IF you tend to paranoia … and if you feel the need for this, you probably do … these alerts are about the *last* thing you need. Pretty soon, you’re checking your closet for criminals looking to ravage your harddrive when you leave your office.

    I speak as a recovering paranoid. There was a time when I had all manner of behavior blockers HIPS, AV, firewalls … and, yes … Zemana on my system. Constant alerts, slowdowns, etc. ensued and false positives were *so* common that, most times, I ignored them. It was not a pretty situation.

    Now I rely on just a hardware firewall and Avast Free AND I’ve never been happier. No viruses in the almost 2 years that I’ve been doing this (I check periodically with a variety of scanners), virtually NO slowdown in my system, and no alerts driving me crazy & making me paranoid.

    Just saying.

  • Doru

    Is not good.It have an error in the package it say to me.

  • Frank

    @Ahraf: “There is no information on if you can install or reinstall past the giveaway window.”

    At BitsDuJour you find these information at the ‘Policy’ tab on the right side box (just below your [Get it free]). It says “BitsDuJour purchases using a discount coupon code come direct from the vendor, so you’ll always get the same software app sold under the same terms as a regular sale, just at a great promotional price.” which is usual policy for BitsDuJour and means you are treated as a regular customer of the software vendor. In this case you can install anytime but reinstall to different hardware requires additional effort (because of activation).