[Firefox, Chrome, Safari] Capture, annotate, and share your screen with Awesome Screenshot

Wanna capture your browser screen and do cool red rectangles with pointing arrows and text annotations just like Ashraf does? If your answer is yes, then check out Awesome Screenshot.


By now, you already know that Awesome Screenshot (AS) let’s you take snapshots of your browser screen and add annotations. What you don’t know is AS allows you to capture whole pages, specific regions, or only the part of the page that is currently visible; annotation is done with a combination of rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and text plus a blur tool for hiding sensitive information; and AS has social sharing possibilities allowing you to either upload the screenshot directly to AS’s website (you get a link you can share with others) or sharing via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. (You can save screenshots to your computer computer, too, if you don’t want to share them.)

What makes the deal even sweeter is Awesome Screenshot is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


Note: Awesome Screenshot is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This tutorial uses the Chrome version but all the features/functionality is available in the Firefox and Safari versions, too.

Like usual before you can use Awesome Screenshot you need to install it first. Once installed, the AS icon will be visible at the top right corner of your browser. Left clicking on the icon pops up a menu giving you the options to capture:

The Capture Entire Page functionality is quite neat. Click the picture below to see an example of what it can do.

After each screen capture a new tab will open automatically with the screenshot you captured and annotations options:

Take note in addition to annotating, you can crop screenshots in this new tab.

When you are happy with the screenshot (i.e. after you have made the edits/annotations you desire, if any) hit Done and the save options will appear:

If you select to save your picture Online, the diagram below shows what happens next.


To use AS with hotkeys, right click on the AS icon and choose options to enable or customize keyboard shortcuts (be careful if you´re already using Windows Hotkeys):


AS ranks pretty high among Chrome and Firefox users and there are some good  reasons for that. The ease of use, the slick interface, and the cool capturing capabilities make AS a must have extension and probably is the only browser screen shot capturer you will ever need. (And for the purposes of full disclosure, Ashraf does not use Awesome Screenshot. The comment in the first sentence of this article was only intended to show to illustrate the features of Awesome Screenshot, not suggest Ashraf uses it.)

Grab AS extension from the following links:

Price: Free

Version reviewed: v3.3.0 (Chrome), v2.3.6 (Firefox), v1.2 (Safari)

Download size: Less than 1 MB

Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Awesome Screenshot homepage

[Firefox add-on page]

[Chrome store page]

[Safari add-on download]

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  1. F79

    A new update to the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension has tagged “Spyware” by Ghacks (http://www.ghacks.net/2014/08/25/chromes-awesome-screenshot-extension-turns-spyware-here-are-alternatives/) because the update enables the extension to “track the user’s browsing history” and as a monetization attempt by the extension’s developer Diigo. The Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension is perhaps only one of its kind to let the current window scroll while Capturing Selected Area (TL;DR: scrolling window capture feature).

  2. Leandro


    I did see the same warning Dunkerella. I´m guessing that what they mean is that you can actually capture all that information (since it´s a screen capture tool we´re talking about) and for that reason you must be careful with the use you give to it especially if you upload/share such sensitive information. I really can´t see any other angle on this.

  3. Dunkerella

    Ash, this does seem like a great add-on but any extension with this warning causes me to pass on it….

    “This extension can access:
    All data on your computer and the websites you visit”
    This item can read every page that you visit — your bank, your web email, your Facebook page, and so on. A warning doesn’t mean that the item does do something dangerous, just that it could.

    Whats your feeling on this?

  4. Mike

    I recently installed PicPick, a nice window snipping (freeware) tool discussed here a week ago, on my computer and I must say that I am happy with it thus far. My prime motivation for installing: the program’s ability to capture an entire window, including through scrolling the window. I must say that it has come through nicely in that regard, based on my initial testing. It also has a nice editing screen as well as an assortment of other utilities, including a “whiteboard” for screens (allowing you to draw on them) and a well-behaving magnifier.

    The only things I would like to see in the program: an easy highlighting tool for captures (although a fairly simple workaround exists); an improved capture initiation process, when launching the program outside of the use of hotkeys (although, having said that, I have the process down to 2-3 mouse clicks); and some help files (although the program is fairly easy to use).


  5. Harry44Callahan

    “@Bruce Fraser: The biggest reason I can think of is accurate and fast scrolling window snaps (i.e. snaps of long pages). I love FastStone Capture but there is no way it can snap a scrolling window in Firefox as fast as Awesome Screenshot can.”

    I use Pixlr Grabber addon for FF and it does the long scrolling window capture just fine. In fact they look a lot alike in operation.

  6. Patara


    Do you mean the Dual Display Engines Ashraf?
    All that does is it enables Maxthon3 to view pages that work in Trident and not Webkit or vice versa. The browser checks which Display engine is the best to use and runs the page, or it can be changed manaully. I find that option excellent because many pages still do not display correctly in Webkit and many options available in Webkit do not display correctly in the Trident engine that IE uses. Firefox can’t display those pages, nor can Chrome unless they use the IE Add-on but for Maxthon3 that ability is built into it.

    Re the Maxthon 3 screen capture I did one this morning that was 14.427 inches wide and 416.2 inches long or 34.6 feet long and it was a perfect jpg screen capture. It also does png but that file size is too large as a png in PSP where I edit out unwanted parts.

  7. Craig

    Ashraf I stand corrected! I didn’t download because it did say it wasn’t compatible with FF 11. I just downloaded it and it works just fine. Thank you! Just goes to show you can’t always believe what you read.

  8. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    @Bruce Fraser: The biggest reason I can think of is accurate and fast scrolling window snaps (i.e. snaps of long pages). I love FastStone Capture but there is no way it can snap a scrolling window in Firefox as fast as Awesome Screenshot can.

    @Patara: Interesting. Thanks, I didn’t know that.

    @Dillard: It is only for your browser.

    @Craig: Officially, no. But it works just fine in FF 11 — I just tried it.

  9. Patara

    That feature has been part of Maxthon browsers for a few years. Screen captures and area captures are in their older style browser Maxthon 2. In Maxthon 3, it is called MaxSnap. It looks like the one mentioned here.
    It has the best whole web page screen capture tool I’ve come across. I use it all the time when wanting to save a tutorial etc. Plus it has all the extra tools that can be used if a selected region is chosen as mentioned above. I’ve been using this tool for a long time and find it an excellent inclusion in Maxthon 3.

  10. Bruce Fraser

    Why would someone want a program to save screenshots ONLY of a browser window? There are excellent programs which will take screenshots of browser windows, plus any other desired object on the screen.