[Android] Free Weather+! [24-hours only]

It had been a while since we have seen a free app from Amazon Appstore featured on dotTech. Yesterday we broke the dry spell. Let’s make today double or nothing. Today Amazon is giving away Weather+:

“Product Features

  • Weather and time details for an unlimited number of cities
  • Standard weather info including conditions, description, and temperature
  • Wind direction and speed, humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility details
  • World Clock time for your current location and another selected location
  • Switch between Fahrenheit/miles and Celsius/kilometers

Product Description

Where the Weather Adds Up

Weather+ gives you current weather conditions and a five-day forecast for locations all over the world. The information is visualized with beautiful full-screen video loops for all conditions.

Rain, Snow, Which Way to Go?

Swipe the screen from left to right to switch between selected locations. Use the Flip Clock with the World Clock time setting for your current location and another selected location. Switch your settings between Fahrenheit and miles to Celsius and kilometers.

Weather+ includes a wide range of professional features:

  • Weather and time details for an unlimited number of cities
  • Full-screen video loops of the weather in a selected location
  • Fully functional on all Android devices and resolutions
  • Standard weather information like condition description and temperature
  • Wind direction and speed details
  • Humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility details
  • Weather forecasts cover 3-hour increments over the next 5 days

What’s Your Widget?

You manually change the arrangements of your widgets to meet your specific needs. Your options include:

  • Show clock, daily, and hourly forecast
  • Show clock and daily forecast
  • Show clock only
  • Show one minimal widget at the bottom
  • Forget about the widgets–just display text

Weather+ is designed to be your daily companion for your basic weather condition needs and will drastically improve your connection to nature and its elements.”

Typically Weather+ would cost you $0.99. However, for the next 24-hours (March 19,2012 only) Weather+ can be had for free from Amazon Appstore. So grab it while you can otherwise you will either have to purchase it or use Weather+ Free, which is the free version of this app.

Note: Amazon Appstore is USA only. There are tricks on how to get it to work outside the USA but you need a real (or virtual) credit card.

You can grab Weather+ from the Amazon Appstore app on your device or hit up the link below:

Weather+ [Amazon Appstore]

Weather+ [Play Store]

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  • Ashraf

    @RobCr: Erm. Maybe. Haha…

    @WildCat: That means you must have an active WiFi connection to download the app. After you have downloaded it you no longer need WiFi access to use it — it works on 2G/3G/4G.

    @John: I thought they still worked as long as you used a virtual (real) credit card.

  • John

    I don’t think those tricks work anymore do they?

    Sadly I’m in one of those geographically restricted countries, and given there are 193 other countries in the world, I’m in one of them. :-)


  • WildCat

    This app seems huge, 46MB. When I go to the free app of the day at the Amazon store the pic for this app shows “WiFi Only”. So does this mean this app updates/runs only when near a WiFi hotspot and does not use 3G or 4G? Or am I just showing my Android “noobness” and 3G & 4G are considered WiFi?

    Anyways, I think I will stick with my free weather channel app for forecasts and RADAR NOW free version for when I want to see what’s really going on near me weather wise.

  • RobCr

    The email announcing this, also announced changes to –
    ‘restructured how we categorize articles’
    It says –
    ‘ ‘”Freeware Reviews” has been depreciated’
    Does that mean their cost, will be amortized over a period of time ?

    Or perhaps ‘deprecated’
    Meaning we are discouraged from using

    Or should I just ‘write it all off’ ?

  • @Ashraf:

    I already have that. And actually thanks to Dottech for that information in past :)

  • Ashraf

    @Farrukh: Try Beautiful Widgets. It is free from GetJar Gold.

  • Not for my HTC Desire :(