Free AcroPano Photo Sticher (v2.1.3)! [24-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of AcroPano Photo Sticher, as per the developer:

AcroPano Photo Stitcher 2.1.3 stitches your photos into dazzling panorama automatically and perfectly, at the same time provides full manual control, you can fully control over the final result.

Intelligent photo organizing:

  • Automatically organizes associated photos in the right order.
  • Automatic photo stitching.
  • Supported output formats and sizes: JPEG (JPG), BMP, TIFF (TIF), PNG or TGA format with different image quality.
  • Multiple Stitching Mode: Horizontal Panorama; 360° Panorama; Vertical Panorama.

Freebie Details

AcroPano Photo Sticher is being given away in a promotion by Giveaway of the Day. The giveaway is live for 24 hours and will end 23:59 Pacific Standard Time Tuesday March 20, 2012; and you must download, install, and register by that time

To get AcroPano Photo Sticher for free, do the following:

Version being given away: v2.1.3

Free updates: No

Free technical support: No

Supported OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 4.25 MB

Giveaway limitation: This is for personal use only

  • Download the giveaway ZIP file.
  • Extract the ZIP file and open Readme.txt. In Readme.txt you will find the registration code you need — copy it:

  • Now run Setup.exe. Make sure you have a valid Internet connection at the time and wait while the installer checks to make sure the giveaway is still live. Once the installer confirms the giveaway is still live, the installer of AcroPano Photo Sticher will launch. Follow on-screen instructions to install AcroPano Photo Sticher:

  • After installation AcroPano Photo Sticher finishes, the Giveaway of the Day installer will popup again — click Close (unless you want to install an optional third-party program Software Informer, in which case click Software Informer):

  • Now run AcroPano Photo Sticher, if it isn’t running already, and register it using the registration key you copied earlier:

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting AcroPano Photo Sticher for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • BarrysCool

    As others have mentioned, Microsoft ICE does it all in the blink of an eye and it does it so well that there is no need for others.

  • Steve Kunkel

    Sheesh… I just tried to stitch together a couple screenshots, and this thing doesn’t seem to handle PNG files!!! All it does is pop up a memory error message. And this thing is supposed to retail for 99 USD ?!
    Plus you can’t drag and drop onto the stitch area like you can with ICE.

  • Steve Kunkel

    Re the panorama of your room: Is it possible that there were different ‘view points’ for each shot? I’ve noticed that when doing multiple to-be-stitched images of a close up scene, you have to make sure that the camera is on a single pivot point. (It’s less of an issue if you’re doing a landscape that is far away). Otherwise you get images that are from different angles (good for 3D, bad for flat overlapping).

  • Guido

    As I see, it’s an another terrific software from GOTD !!
    What we can do without that marvellous web site …

    ICE is very good. Don’t look elsewhere!

  • J IT geek

    Let’s not forget Microsoft has some nice freebies that do a better job.

    Microsoft Image Composite Editor:

    Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery:

  • Jimmy

    Good article Ashraf; I’ll give this one a skip, as my camera has a built in panorama function.